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Homework answers / question archive / Assignment American lives to be found in thereview of the book, Code Girls by Lisa Mundy Hachette in the Sunday, October 8 (today) WP article, The hidden figures of WWII code-breaking by Elaine Showalter

Assignment American lives to be found in thereview of the book, Code Girls by Lisa Mundy Hachette in the Sunday, October 8 (today) WP article, The hidden figures of WWII code-breaking by Elaine Showalter



American lives to be found in thereview of the book, Code Girls by Lisa Mundy Hachette in the Sunday, October 8 (today) WP article, The hidden figures of WWII code-breaking by Elaine Showalter.

Length and topic:  We are exploring the impact of culture and leadership on management decisions…like the participation of women in the workforce.  Create a four page, double-spaced essay on your perspective of the concept of male reluctance or willingness to accept women as equals in the workplace. 


Assignment Readings: (a) the Washington Post article (link below),  (b) the conversation between two males about boxing and Title IX (below), and (c) the modules and readings for Weeks 1-5.  


Content:  Please refer – where appropriate - to reported cultural assumptions you find in the article, in the conversation, and in the modules and readings for Weeks 1-5.  Here are some sample themes that you might explore, based on your own perspective and research reported cultural assumptions.  I WOULD LOVE IT IF YOU CAME UP WITH ONE NOT ON THE LIST HERE.


  • Today, less than 4% of current CEO’s are women;
  • The length of the struggle to achieve Title V for women’s participation in sports was long and arduous;
  • The feeling, as stated in the article, among males in the services that “admitting women into the Navy would break up homes and amount to a step backward in civilization;”
  • And, also in the article “it was generally believed that women were good at tedious work and … the initial stages of cryptanalysis were very tedious indeed.”
  • At the time (in 1942) about 4% of American women graduated from American colleges (also from the article.


Writing:  (a) Please focus on organization, clarity, and theme development; start early enough that you can take advantage of Tutorial’s advice.  Think, read, think and read; write your first draft; write your final draft.  Best to read it aloud with a friend.  (b) Include references, as appropriate, and cite the reference in-text as per APA (use your 6th Edition APA Style Manual).  (c) The required format is available in your Syllabus under “Course Guidelines.”  Please use this format.  REMEMBER: post to your assignment folder as a Word or PDF ATTACHMENT



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Bill: Hey, good to see you again. I enjoyed our conversation the other day. Well, as you saw on Sunday, our talking about that team did so much to help them do better. Should we be getting a little thank you packet of green from someone for our playing such a pivotal role in their success?


Joe: Yes, that’s right. But I think our conversation was too good; when I got to work, I found myself thinking about the football ideas we had instead of that darned annual report. We must do this again. But, no, I don’t think we can expect any actual payment for it. We could have that hotshot lawyer of yours file a complaint.


Bill: Anyway, I wanted your opinion on something. Hey, the special on this menu looks just great today: lots of calories with pie directed straight at your heart. But, this morning, Susan, was talking about the way Title IX was such a big deal for women. I agree with her on that but she went a bit far when she put a knock out punch on my favorite sport, boxing. I don’t remember a Saturday night when I’ve missed this weekly dose of mayhem. I know boxing is not your sports favorite but help me think of this.


Joe: Okay, my day has been too quiet. In fact, I had no arguments with Susan. I need some blood and gore contest. What did your wife say about boxing that backed you up?


Bill: Okay. She had read where boxing is one of only a few sports where the prime objective is to undermine the ability of your opponent to continue to compete or something like that. I think I got upset when I tried to defend my Saturday night experience. I started to say, “What about fencing? She had an answer to that. What about football? She said, “That’s a team sport.” And, I ended up in my own corner losing badly and mumbling about how women are boxers too and something about lacrosse and hockey…Oh, maybe I shouldn’t be bothering you with this…


Joe: You are doing the same thing you did with the talk we had last time and, you know, I like this more interesting controversy stuff. It’s not just chitchat; but take it easy. I cannot go back and waste a minute until I get this annual report done. But, for now, let me say, this is very interesting; I haven’t ever thought of these differences in boxing. In fact, it is only really good when one fighter delivers a knockout. Right? And, by that time the other fighter is usually bloody and nearly senseless while the fighter who is dancing around the ring is being congratulated.



Bill: Is that why you don’t like boxing, the blood and stuff, while everyone else is cheering for the guy who did the bloodletting?


Joe: Beyond what I like, I would say, I don’t think your wife watches boxing very much. And I am not sure I like the idea of watching women fighters. She should see, however, that boxing has taken an abrupt turn away from serious harm with a concentration on physical fitness and, yes, stopping the fight when it gets close to seriously hurting the person’s eyes or causing serious instability with concussions and so forth.  Don’t you think so?


Bill: Now I see why men find other men so reasonable.



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