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Homework answers / question archive / Submit the summary/conclusion/recommendations and abstract

Submit the summary/conclusion/recommendations and abstract


Submit the summary/conclusion/recommendations and abstract.

1. The abstract: is a brief statement that provides a summary of the entire research effort in one-two paragraphs. No more than 250 words. The abstract should include sufficient information about the research problem and interpretation of sources used to give the reader an idea as to the direction of the research.

2. The summary: give the main points from within the paper.

3. The conclusion: shares whether or not you were able to answer the question. If not, share why. If so, state how. In this portion you are able to strengthen your work by bringing logical closure to your ideas.

4. Recommendations: share with the reader if this is something that could have more research done and how to possibly go about it.

All work is prepared in APA 6th ed. Formatting.

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