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Homework answers / question archive / Need help with my writing homework on An Important Event In My Life

Need help with my writing homework on An Important Event In My Life


Need help with my writing homework on An Important Event In My Life. Write a 1500 word paper answering; The adventure is still very vivid in my mind. When all of us geared up, we loaded all our belongings in our travel car and took the road. It was summer and the forest was particularly gorgeous. Mushrooms and berries were all over the place. The mind-boggling silence was at times interrupted by birds singing and insects cricking. The amazing lake situated all over the wood was magnificent. Additionally, Mother Nature gave the lake a unique appearance. Red lake, for instance, had red water seemingly due to iodine content. The cold lake had very low temperature despite the high temperature associated with summer season. When I dipped my foot in it, I shivered from its chilliness. Further, the most impressive was the dead lake: it seemed to boil due to the phosphorous content. This particular lake was always under fog with several levels making it looks like a labyrinth underwater. It looked mysterious and untouchable at the same time.

We had set our camp near the lake and it was extremely stunning. Around the place, all people found themselves swimming, fishing or playing games. At times, we left two people to keep an eye on the camp while going to other interesting places. Occasionally, we took a walk deep inside the park. Once, we came across a river which had such a strong current so that no one could swim it cross. As mentioned before, the place was wild and there were no bridges. All in all, we improvised a makeup bridge using two logs which crossed the river connecting the two banks. The majority of my colleagues managed to cross the river without fear. When it came to my turn, the fear thrilled down my spine. I am not a good swimmer. therefore, it was a nightmare for me. I tried to encourage myself thinking: “I can do it as well.” My legs started trembling, but I took under control of the situation.

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