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Write a 4 pages paper on 1927 u


Write a 4 pages paper on 1927 u.s. supreme court case of buck v. bell. Buck, although was not a mentally retarded became a victim of conspiracy by her lawyer who colluded with the state by merely opposing procedural impropriety of Virginia law. The U.S. Supreme Court merely upheld the law as compliant of fourteenth amendment without going through the mistake of fact that Buck was a mentally retarded person. Ever since, many states have enacted promptly and many have since repealed them though after decades of injustice to the forcibly sterilized victims. The genetic pre-disposition is a debatable issue and without any conclusive evidence, it is disastrous to forcibly sterilize the hapless and vulnerable persons in prisons and asylums only. What happened to eugenics, particularly enforced sterilization, in the years following the Supreme Court’s findings in the Buck v. Bell case? What is the current legal status of enforced sterilization in the U.S.? Buck v Bell (1927) case was wrong if viewed from the angle of “mistake of fact” (Larson, 2012, p. 128) but justified within the perspectives of “Eugenics”. It was a mistake of fact because Buck was not mentally retarded nor had a promiscuous life. Her own foster parents’ relatives had raped her resulting in her giving birth to a mentally retarded child which died at the age of eight.

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