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Homework answers / question archive / PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Test 1)Order takers might simply answer the phone and enter? customers' orders

PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Test 1)Order takers might simply answer the phone and enter? customers' orders




1)Order takers might simply answer the phone and enter? customers' orders. In? contrast, order getters in the selling process have a much more complicated? job, which involves creative? selling, social? selling, and? ________.


relationship building

making nonpersonal communications with customers

developing the appropriate advertising for the target

profits taking

pulling products through the channels of distribution

2. Some customers develop a close relationship with a salesperson. This close relationship may also lead to strong relationships with the? company, its? products, the? firm, and the customer. What is this concept? called?


Sales force management

Product sales force structure

Territorial sales force structure

?Salesperson-owned loyalty

Customer sales force structure

  1. Managing the sales force involves four key tasks. Which of the following elements can the marketing manager ignore as part of sales force? management?

Promoting sales activities


Analyzing the market



  1. A significant part of sales force management involves designing sales force strategy and structure. Which task can the marketer avoid when designing the sales? force?

Recruiting new employees

Compensating the? firm's salespeople

Prospecting for the firm

Supervising and evaluating the sales staff

Selecting the? firm's salespeople






  1. What is the first step in the selling? process?

Handling objections






  1. A firm that employs territorial sales force structure can be described by many characteristics. Which task from the following list can the marketer ignore when developing a sales force territory? structure?

Salespersons are assigned to an exclusive territory.

Travel expenses are relatively limited.

A territorial sales force structure decreases the? salesperson's desire to build local customer relationships.

The salesperson sells the? company's entire line of products or services.

Each salesperson has? well-defined accountability.

  1. A company that sells turbine? engines, which are? custom-designed for each? location, individually built and? installed, and cost in excess of several million dollars. Which type of sales force structure is recommended for the? firm?

Customer sales force structure

Market share sales force structure

Profitability level sales force structure

Product sales force structure

Territorial sales force structure

  1. Apple has organized it sales force with separate staffs serving the? consumer, another serving new? customers, a third addressing the B2B? market, and a small staff serving the industrial market. What approach to sales force structure is Apple? using?


Profitability level sales force structure

Territorial sales force structure

Market share sales force structure

Product sales force structure

Customer? (or market) sales force structure

  1. A company grouped its accounts into different classes according to? size, account? status, or other factors related to the amount of effort required to maintain the account. It then determined the number of salespeople needed to call on each class of accounts the desired number of times. What approach did the firm use to determine the sales force size it? needed?

Market approach

Workload approach

Territory approach

Product approach

Customer approach


  1. The sales staff that travels to customers to call on them is? ________ salespeople, whereas those who conduct business from their offices via telephone and email are? ________ salespeople.

technical-support people; inside

?outside; inside

?outside; sales assistants

?inside; outside

?outside; online


  1. Often inside sales staff supports the outside salespeople. What is the role called that provides research and administrative backup for outside? salespeople?


Market researchers

Inside salespeople

Online sellers

Technical? sales-support people

Sales assistants

  1. Sales assistants are employees in the firm who provide support for the outside sales? force, freeing them to spend more time selling to major accounts and finding new prospects. Which of the following tasks does a sales assistant typically allocate to the technical? sales-support staff?


Follow up on deliveries.

Answer? customers' questions.

Provide technical information and answers to? customers' questions.

Provide research and administrative backup.

Track down sales leads.

  1. According to Gallup? research, there are four key talents the best salespeople possess. The sales manager is most likely to avoid hiring a candidate who lacks which of the following? traits?


A disciplined work style

The ability to close a sale

Ability to work well alone

Intrinsic motivation

Ability to build relationships with customers

  1. The goal of sales training is to cover many issues. Which of the following is a goal of the sales training program the program would? eliminate?


To teach trainees about the company

To teach trainees about types of customers and their needs and buying habits

To teach trainees about the competition and its strategies

To teach trainees about the? company's objectives,? organization, products, and strategies

To teach trainees about? e-learning



  1. There are essentially four elements in a good compensation package for a salesperson. Which of the following is part of a sales force motivator that is separate from the compensation? package?

The hourly wage


A variable amount

Fringe benefits

A fixed amount


  1. If a? firm's strategy is to acquire new? business, grow? rapidly, and gain market? share, the compensation plan might be designed? how?


Includes a larger? base-salary component with additional incentives

Includes? high-commission plans

Be primarily straight salary

Includes a larger commission? component, coupled with a? new-account bonus

Includes a large expense account

  1. What tool do many firms use to supervise the sales staff that shows which customers and prospects to call on and which activities to carry? out?


Sales force automation systems

Call plan

Call reports

?Time-and-duty analysis

Sales report

  1. What is the? fastest-growing trend in? sales?

Sellers have increased control over consumers

?Commission-only sales compensation

Social selling

Consumers buying in bricks and mortar stores

Use of sales staff supervision

  1. In many selling? situations, the firm is not simply seeking a sale.? Rather, it wants to engage the customer over the long haul not in? short-term transactional selling. The firm seeks to develop? what?


A presentation

A prospect

A call plan

A relationship

A closing




  1. Marketing managers often create their brands through? brand-marketing events or to serve as the only promoter or as a participating promoter of events created by others. Which marketing tool does? this?




?Point-of-purchase (POP) promotions

Event marketing sponsorships



  1. There are many reasons that firms spend the money and efforts to participate in trade shows. Which of the following is distinctly a disadvantage of being an exhibitor in trade? shows?


To provide opportunities to find new sales leads

To provide opportunities to contact customers

To introduce new products

To economize on costs

To educate customers with publications

  1. Sales promotion tools are used by most? organizations, including? manufacturers, distributors,? retailers, and? not-for-profit institutions. Which of the following entities is typically outside the realm of the sales promotion? targets?

Final buyers

Retailers and wholesalers

Business customers

Members of the sales force


  1. ?Frito-Lay runs a special promotion each year for the Super Bowl inviting consumers to produce a? 30-second advertisement. The winning ad is awarded? $1M. This promotion exemplifies what sales promotion? tool?



Advertising specialties




  1. Which of the following promotions is not used only as a trade promotion but as a consumer promotion as? well?

Push money


?Price-off, off-invoice, or? off-list

Free goods

Specialty advertising items

  1. For any sales promotion the marketer? develops, there are several decisions he must make in order for the promotion to be effective. Which of the following options is beyond the purview of the manager who is designing the sales? promotion?


How the competition will respond

Size of the incentive

Conditions for participation

Length of the promotion

How to promote and distribute the promotion


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