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Email Communication Responses – No


Email Communication Responses – No. 2 Performance Appraisal Issues

ResourcesBlossoms Up! Case Study and Email No. 2

Numerous emails have been sitting in the HR Director's in-box for two months. Smith is highly agitated that none of his have been responded to. Now that you are hired, he has asked you to address the emails immediately.

Read Email No. 2 concerning a memo needed to respond to Smith's inquiry about Megan Pearce's performance issues, her performance appraisal and appropriate type of performance appraisal instruments, and your recommendation as to whether or not she should ultimately be kept on or terminated.

Complete Smith's directions and the instructions in the email.

Use headings to appropriately signal the topics and keep your document organized.

Use a minimum of five in-text citation sources within your memo and identify them in your APA correctly formatted References page.



11/5/2017 - Performance Appraisal issues

Performance Appraisal Issues
From: "CEO Smith" <>
Date: Nov 5, 2017 7:01:33 PM
Susan, I don’t have to tell you how disappointed I am that Megan and you haven’t seem to come through on
assignments I previously requested. I consider Megan’s lack of responsibility in getting those assignments
started and completed absolutely appalling. I requested these assignments be done six months ago. I’m
displeased you haven't done a better job supervising her to get it done.
I want an update on all her performance deficiencies, issue-by-issue. When I saw you in the hall the other day
you indicated you were reviewing different performance appraisal methods and trying to decide which one would
be best for not just Megan’s situation, but for all our employees. Get me a memo on the different types of
performance appraisal methods we should consider, focusing in on at least three different types that would work
well in our organization. Maybe you can pull some performance appraisal samples together for me to review.
Then, I want to have your justification (with any applicable laws I should consider) and recommendation on how
you want to proceed with Megan and whether or not she has a continued future in our company or not.
Seth Smith, CEO
Blossoms Up!
Required elements:

» Atleast three performance appraisal methods with samples of each type

+» Assignment should be in business memo format found in the Center for Writing Excellence

» Cite all appropriate research used and format quotations, in-text citations, and References page in APA style

» Complete your response in 525 to 700 words

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