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I need help with a research  project paper


I need help with a research
 project paper. I would like to talk about the American Civil
 Liberties in the paper: Below are the instructions for the

 A literature review has two specific goals:

 To demonstrate that you, the researcher, have done your due
 diligence in exploring the work other researchers have done
 in the area; and

 To ground the theory in the current research available.

 You should think of your literature review as a way to tell
 a story about your research using sources as guideposts
 along the way. Think about your role in this as a moderator
 in a discussion between your sources, and your job is to
 keep them focused on your thesis (this is usually the first
 section of a research article, so you should use the
 literature reviews of your sources as a model for what we
 are doing here).

 You will need a minimum of five (5) sources in your
 literature review (you will need a total of ten in your
 Final Project). Consider the following to help you gather
 these sources:

 Do a library search using Grantham’s EBSCOhost library
 database or from Google Scholar

 Use key words to search (try different variations)

 Only use scholarly books or peer-reviewed journal

 Choose sources from within the past 5 years (you can set
 your EBSCO search to only show articles within this

 Read titles to see what looks relevant (don’t waste your
 time reading things that don’t look like they will work
 for your project)

 Read the abstracts and only choose the most pertinent
 articles (once again, don’t waste your time—if the
 abstract doesn’t seem promising, move on to the nerxt

 Please note: information from the Internet may not be used
 for this project unless the source is from an e-journal (a
 peer-reviewed journal that is published on the web). The
 organization’s website is an exception to this rule, but
 it can only count as one of your ten sources.


 Create a literature review, incorporating each of your
 references (minimum of five), tying them to each other and
 to the thesis of your project in a single narrative. You
 should cite each source in the body of your literature
 review and in a references page at the end of your paper.

 Your literature review should be arranged in the following

 Introduction: A concise definition of the topic and
 organization with which you are working. A clearly stated
 thesis of your project. A brief description about how this
 project might be interesting and/or important to your

 Main Body: A discussion of each of your sources, including
 what they are claiming, how they relate to other sources you
 are using, and how they support your thesis (make sure you
 identify and cite each source as you use them). Each work
 should be summarized and evaluated for its premise, scope,
 and conclusion. In addition, address any inconsistencies,
 omissions, or errors, as well as accuracy, depth, and
 relevance you find compelling or think might be useful to
 your readers/audience. Use logical connections and
 transitions to connect sources.

 Conclusion: The conclusion summarizes the key findings of
 the review in general terms. You may want to revisit
 commonalities and differences between your sources, whether
 favorable or not. Make sure you tie your work throughout
 this review back to your thesis.

 References: As well as accurate in-text citations, your
 literature review must contain complete and correct APA
 citations for every source in a references page at the end
 of your review.

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