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Homework answers / question archive / Question 1)   Stephanie is having participants report their feelings of racism on a survey

Question 1)   Stephanie is having participants report their feelings of racism on a survey


Question 1)


Stephanie is having participants report their feelings of racism on a survey.  Suppose the participants do not report their true feelings but rather say they have no racis thoughts. They want to avoid potentially embarrassing responses that will make Stephanie think badly of them.  Such a problem is called




social desirability




ecological invalidity


lack of reliability

  • Question 2



Dion is testing children in his study. He takes special care to familiarize them with the experimenter, the equipment, and the procedure before he begins to collect data.  He is attempting to reduce reactivity by using



experimental realism





unobtrusive measures



  • Question 3



It is fairly common in psychological experiments for the researcher to conceal the purpose of the experiment from the participants.  Why does the experimenter disguise the true purpose of the study?



It is unethical to allow participants in an experiment to know the purpose of the experiment


More particpants can be run more quickly if you do not explain the purpose of the experiment



To eliminate demand characteristics


To make the study more parsimonious

  • Question 4



Balancing a researcher's right to study a behavior with the right of participants to be protected from abuse is the concern of



weighing the pro and cons of deception


demand characteristics


scientific fraud



research ethics

  • Question 5



In Milgram's (1963) experiments on obedience to authority, he had participants believe they were delivering shocks to a learner in the next room each time the learner made an error.  The main risk to participants in this study was



physical risk



psychological risk


confidentiality risk



  • Question 6



After a study, if there are any negative consequences of the procedure, the experimenter must



give a formal apology


let the participant leave the experiment as soon as possible


have participants sign a disclaimer



debrief the participants

  • Question 7



The purpose of a Human Subject Review Committee or an Institutional Review board is to



review a study's procedure to ensure participants are selected in an unbiased fashion.


review a study after it is conducted to determine whether participants were at risk.


assess scientific fraud



review a study's procedure to ensure ethical treatment of participants.

  • Question 8



Which of these reasons does not explain why psychologists study animals?



Animals demonstrate interesting behaviors



Ethical issues are less important when studying animals


Models of basic aspects of behavior can be tested.


Findings can be generalized to the behavior of other species, including humans

  • Question 9



Science tries to prevent scientific fraud by




peer review


protecting participants from research risks


using the scientific method


falsifying fraudulent findings

  • Question 10



An example of how experimenter expectancies are a problem in animal studies was demonstrated by



Pavlov's experiments with his dogs


Skinner's work with pigeons



the case of Clever Hans


the case of Little Albert



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