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Homework answers / question archive / 1)Service breakdowns result as a failure of the customer in small organizations only

1)Service breakdowns result as a failure of the customer in small organizations only


1)Service breakdowns result as a failure of the customer in small organizations only.    


  1. When a product or service fails to meet what the customer wants or needs, the customer accepts it as )   normal and orders again.           


  1. Service breakdowns can occur at a charity event if a worker misplaces an item won by a donor.    



  1. The more you know about style tendencies, the harder it is to deal with people in a variety of (p. 219) situations.    


  1. A difficult customer is defined as only one who is negative, angry, demanding or aggressive.    


  1. Internal customers with special requests can be classified as a difficult customer.    



  1. A key to successfully serving all types of customers is to treat each one the same.    



  1. A demanding or domineering customer is that way because he or she learned to be that way.    


  1. For you to effectively serve an angry customer, you must move beyond the emotions to discover the reason for his or her anger.             


10.          The key to helping resolve service breakdowns is to frame your problem resolution with customer focused messages through the use of the emotion-reducing model.                



  1. It costs five to six times as much to win a new customer as it costs to retain a current one.    


  1. Dealing with internal customers may be more sensitive than your dealings with outsiders.    


  1. The best way to deal with a service breakdown is after it happens you can decide what to do.    



  1. The first key step in the problem-solving process is to identify the problem.   


  1. The primary purpose of any good service recovery program should be to return the customer-provider (p. 239)                relationship to its normal state.             


16.          Motivational devices that cause customers to seek out specific types of products or services are (p. 217)         customer needs.            


17.          A garment you needed for a meeting returns from the laundry with broken buttons and cannot be worn which results in a service recovery.         


18.          People who challenge a service provider's ability to deliver service and who require special skills and patience are difficult customers.           


19. A good strategy when dealing with rude or inconsiderate customers is to remain professional.   


 20. The key to helping resolve any service breakdown is to frame your problems resolution with customer  focused messages through the use of the emotion-reducing model.    


21.        Customers often take their business to competitors if they feel they have had poor service and complacency, inappropriate complaint resolution and uncovered wants from your company.            


22.          The principal thing to remember about complaint resolution is that it is the customer's perception of the situation, not yours, that counts.           


23.          To prevent or at least reduce the possibility of breakdowns with your internal customers, you should honor all commitments and promises to your internal customers.        


24.          If customers share a concern, complaint or question with you in person, remember to use verbal, (p. 234)         nonverbal and encoding skills discussed in conjunction with customer service.          


  1. Once a customer transaction is completed, make sure any necessary follow-up action is begun.    




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