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Homework answers / question archive / Question 1)   A(n) _____ is a recognizable reference point that can be used to monitor progress

Question 1)   A(n) _____ is a recognizable reference point that can be used to monitor progress


Question 1)


A(n) _____ is a recognizable reference point that can be used to monitor progress.


Question 2



?Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) is a _____ technique because it analyzes a large, complex project as a series of individual tasks.


Question 3



If team members lack experience with certain aspects of the required technology, temporary help might be obtained from IT consultants or part-time staff.?




Question 4


A _____ cannot be started until a previous task is completed.?


Question 5


?A _____ involves breaking a project down into a series of smaller tasks.


Question 6



?When several tasks can start at the same time, each is called a(n) _____ task.


Question 7


?_____, a human resource issue, is a possible cause of cost overruns in an organization.


Question 8



?In a Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT)/Critical Path Method (CPM) chart, each rectangular box, called a task box, has five sections that contain important information about a task.




Question 9



?A _____ displays the same information as the Gantt chart, including task dependencies, but uses task boxes to include much more detail.





Question 10



?In most systems analysis tasks, time and people are interchangeable.


Question 11



Quantitative risk analysis evaluates each risk by estimating the probability that it will occur and the degree of impact.?


Question 12



Project managers always must be aware of the _____, so they can monitor the vital tasks and keep a project on track.


Question 13



?Effective project reporting requires _____.


Question 14



Critical Thinking Questions

Mauricio, a project manager at a reputed firm, has been assigned to handle a new project that the firm has received. This project involves a lot of scheduling that has to be handled by Mauricio.


Mauricio has decided to use a project management tool for this project. He wants the tool to be free and cloud-based so that there is no need for software to be installed. Help Mauricio in identifying the project management tool that best fits the purpose.?


Question 15



Using a(n) _____, a project manager can convert task start and finish times to actual dates by laying out the entire project on a calendar.?


Question 16



Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT)/Critical Path Method (CPM) and Gantt charts are mutually exclusive techniques.


Question 17



?Two or more _____ depend on a predecessor task.


Question 18



A _____ is a review of a project team member’s work by other members of a team.?


Question 19



?A _____ negotiates with users who might have conflicting requirements or want changes that would require additional time or expense.


Question 20





?A task that represents several activities is known as a _____.


Question 21



?_____ give team members of a project an opportunity to share information, discuss common problems, and explain new techniques.


Question 22



?The first step in the creation of a Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT)/Critical Path Method (CPM) chart is to _____.


Question 23



?Microsoft’s risk management model includes _____, which represents the likelihood that the risk will happen.


Question 24



System developers can initiate a formal project as early as the preliminary investigation stage, or later on, as analysis, design, and implementation activities occur.


Question 25



?A _____ might involve maximums for one or more resources, such as time, dollars, or people.



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