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Homework answers / question archive / Online Sociology Lesson 4 Test Bank 1)Mark, whose parents are wealthy, has been socialized to believe that he can be whoever he wants to be

Online Sociology Lesson 4 Test Bank 1)Mark, whose parents are wealthy, has been socialized to believe that he can be whoever he wants to be


Online Sociology

Lesson 4 Test Bank

1)Mark, whose parents are wealthy, has been socialized to believe that he can be whoever he wants to be. His best friend Matt, whose parents are blue-collar workers, has been socialized to believe that hard work and following instructions is all he needs to support himself. Which sociological paradigm does this story fit?

2)Education is important to society because:

3)Erik Erikson's theory explains:

4)According to Kohlberg's theory of moral development, when do humans begin to think about the feelings of other people and begin to see the world through other people's eyes?

5)Whose study described the differences in the way that boys and girls view morality?

6)Parents often socialize their children to:

7)Katrina, age 5, and Sharon, age 4, love to play together while their mothers chat. Katrina has a toy iron and washing machine. She and Sharon spend hours "washing" and "ironing" her baby doll's clothes, just like they see their mothers do. Which of George Herbert Mead's stages of development are Katrina and Sharon exemplifying?

8)During her first day of kindergarten, Marie does not understand how the lunch line in the cafeteria works. She hesitates and watches as the older kids pick up their trays and silverware and then get in line. She follows their lead and successfully buys herself lunch. Marie's experience in the lunchroom is an example of _____.

9)George Herbert Mead's specific path of development for individuals is as follows:

10)The transition from college life to work life can be quite difficult for many young adults in the United States. Which is a possible cause for this struggle?


Question 11



Which sociological perspective sees technology and media as a tool individuals use to express how much wealth they have?

12)The debate about net neutrality consists of two main sides. Which of the following is one of those sides?

13)Tyson visits China over spring break, and after getting online to write home to her parents, she realizes some of her favorite social media sites are blocked by the Chinese government. She becomes concerned with how technology reinforces inequalities among communities, both within and among countries. What sociological perspective best fits Tyson's concerns?

14)The term cyberfeminism is defined by the text as:

15)Caleb attended a private high school, which gave each student access to a personal laptop and iPhone. Ted attended a poorly funded public school, which had few computers and outdated technology. When Caleb gets to college, he's more prepared than Ted for coursework which includes computer and online material. This occurrence is an example of:

16)Today, the majority of mass-media outlets are owned by six corporations. This is a product of _________.

17)The term media globalization can be defined as:

18)Which of the following is NOT an example of new media?

19)Susan has the newest iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac. When a new Apple product is released, Susan stands in line for hours to be the first to buy it. Susan is a(n):

20)Which theorist would be most interested in who controls the media, and the ways in which the dominant race and class minimizes the media presence of the lower classes and other races?

21)Émile Durkheim's much lauded study of suicide is important to the field of sociology in many ways. One of the most influential impacts was:

22)Sumaira is scared that she will not find a job in the current economy. She decides to be a business major and attend one of the top business schools in the country. Upon graduation, she is hired by a major investment banking firm in New York. Sumaira has completed:

23)Joseph and Paula are excited to welcome their child into the world. They cannot wait to pass on all their knowledge, insight, and rich culture. Just as their parents gave them guidance and showed them how to live, Joseph and Paula will continue the chain by handing down their societal values and thus, sustain the society they love so much. Which sociological paradigm does this story fit?

24)Peer groups are important to adolescents because:

25)Ahmed has been trying to change his schedule so that he can take one more AP class his senior year in high school. He keeps running between the guidance office and the administration office to sort out the problem. Ahmed's interaction with the school's bureaucracy is an example of:

26)In an effort to control a total institution, and to create a community of sameness, inmates are forced to strip down, be searched by police officers, and given identical uniforms before entering prison. This is an example of _______.

27)Some sociologists have pointed out that gender roles are often determined by how a society socializes young boys and girls. Which of the following is an example of socializing a child into a gender role?

28)It is parent-teacher conference day at Littleton Elementary School. Jimmy's teacher is anxious to meet his parents and discuss his habit of disrupting the class. When the teacher expresses her concern that Jimmy is not being socialized properly, his dad insists that he was the same way at Jimmy's age and that disrupting the class is natural for the children in his family. Jimmy's teacher and father are arguing about which fundamental sociological theory?

29)Sherry is in her mid-eighties and is moving to a nursing home. She is used to getting up at 5 o'clock each morning and making breakfast for herself. Her new roommate likes to sleep until 7 o'clock and breakfast is not served at the nursing home until 8 o'clock. What is Sherry most likely to experience through this transition?

30)Baby Marla is always well dressed. She has ribbons, bows, and frills all over her dresses and even in her hair. Her mother, who is worried that people might mistake Marla for a little boy, is determined to communicate to the world that she has a baby girl. Which sociological paradigm does this story fit?


Question 31



The term technological diffusion is defined as:

32)How has advertising revenue significantly changed in the past few years?

33)What is a negative risk of media globalization?

34)After the floppy disk was introduced, zip drives were invented shortly after, followed quickly by flash drives. This is an example of:

35)The term panoptic surveillance is defined in the text as:

36)From the functionalist perspective, which of the following is a function of social media?

37)Last week, a major politician was caught in a political scandal. The story was featured on the front page of the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times,, and was the lead story on NBC, ABC, and CBS nightly news. This is referred to as:

38)E-readiness can be defined as:

39)Before the dawn of social media, powerful TV networks and widely circulated newspapers had great influence over the news stories that were reported to the public. This is referred to as:

40)Which of the following is an example of planned obsolescence?


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