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Homework answers / question archive / You should start thinking about your term paper

You should start thinking about your term paper


You should start thinking about your term paper. The paper
must have the following items:

l- A meaningful title that describers your main idea on
tax reform.

2- A short description of the problem. This is could be
composed of a few bullet point ideas. Remember that
at least part of this evaluation has to do with your
values (your social welfare function).

3- Adescription of your proposition to fixing the
problem. This can be composed of a few bullet point

4- Then you need to support your arguments in step 3
showing that your proposal would fix the problems
outlined in step 2. You can make reference to the
arguments and studies presented in your textbook or
the video clips I send you or any other source you
study for this purpose.

5- Compare and contrast your proposal with other
alternatives and show that your proposal is superior
in fixing the problems and achieving goals that are
important to you.

While the deadline for submitting the first draft of your term
paper is July 19, you are welcome and encouraged to submit
it earlier so that I can give you some feedback.


Gaile SyllabusSSI-17.doc u
score Will be computed as whichever of the following 1s highest:

(1) 10%HW = + 10% Quizzes + 10% Paper +

25% Midterm+ 45% Final

(2)10%HW = + 10% Quizzes + 10%

Paper +70% Final
The course grades are assigned on a curve. There will be no

makeup exams.

Exams are scheduled for the following dates:

Midterm: Monday, July 17

Final: Comprehensive Wednesday, August 2 (in class)
Quizzes: three quizzes given on July 6, 13, and 27 in discussion
Term Paper: up to 2 pages long on U.S. tax reform, issues and
your suggestions for fixing them. First draft — typed bullet point —
is due on July 19 and the final form, typed, 1s due on August 1.
Home works Assignments: There will be 7 homework
assignments, designed to help you to get a better understanding
of the material and also to prepare you for the exams. These
will be collected in class (before lecture) and graded in the
scale of 0 to 3 (3=good/excellent, 2=below average yet
acceptable, 0= missing, late or unsatisfactory).
HW Due Dates: all in the beginning of the class before lecture
HW1 HW2 HW3 HwW4 Midterm

June 28 July 3 July 10 July 12
July 17 July 24 July 26 July 31
Topics Reading
I. Introduction: Issues, Tools and Measurement
Labor Supply and Behavioral Effects of
Taxes Gruber Ch 2

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