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Homework answers / question archive / 1) In which country is sex education required in public schools? 2

1) In which country is sex education required in public schools? 2


1) In which country is sex education required in public schools?

2. Peggy accepts a job offer as an advertising copywriter. Her boss immediately assigns her campaigns for products such as makeup and cleaning products. Peggy asks for different clients, but her boss tells her she should stick to what she and “her kind” know best. Peggy is experiencing :

3. Which of the following is NOT a product of gender stereotyping?

4. What is the Kinsey Scale?

5. What is the difference between sex and gender?

6. What is the first agent of socialization?

7. When thinking about gender, Jeff sees men as the dominant social group and women the subordinate group. This exploitation of the subordinate group has created social problems, such as high rates of poverty among single mothers. Which sociological perspective best fit Jeff’s views?

8. Jenny is given a doll for 2nd birthday, while her brother, Tyrone, is given a fire truck. This is an example of gender:

9. When Wendy’s sorority sisters discover that Wendy is a lesbian, they hold a secret meeting to decide if Wendy should still be allowed to pledge. A handful of the sisters vote “no.” This is an example of:

10. The term doing gender can be defined as:

11. What is the purpose of queer theory?

12. True or false: A person’s sex, as determined by his or her biology, does not always correspond with his or her gender.

13. Chase grew up wanting to wear his sister’s dresses over his brother’s pants and button up shirts. When Chase turns 18, he decides to begin living as woman, though he’s still only sexually attracted to women. He decides he doesn’t want to undergo surgery. Chase is:

14. The term sexuality is defined by the text as:

15.  For every dollar a man makes in the United States, how much does a woman make?

16. Tasha believes that gender is about the division of labor in the family. In the pre-industrial era, men were the hunter-gatherers and bread-winners, and women were keepers of the home. After World War II, changes in the family structure allowed women to become breadwinners also, altering the roles of the family. From what sociological perspective do Tasha’s thoughts come?

17. In 1973, the American Psychological Association (APA) declassified homosexuality as an abnormal or deviant disorder. Which sociological perspective would be most interested in the statement the (APA) made to society?

18. The term sexual orientation can be defined as:

19. When Jeanette’s parents find out her twin brother, Rex, has been sexually active, they tell him to use protection. When they found out Jeanette has been sexually active, they ground her for a month. This is an example of:

20. Which of the following contributes to the myths surrounding male and female learning abilities in the classroom?



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