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1.) Continue to draft possible opening inquiry questions- and after you have a question that you think addresses an aspect of your topic that you want to focus on complete the worksheet HEREand share

Topic/Question worksheet

Issue (Broad)

What is the issue or overall topic that interests you?


Research Question (Narrower)

What is a specific research question you want to investigate?

The effects of phytoestrogens in soybeans and in processed foods

Underlying Problem(s)

What is the problem that makes your question worth investigating?

Because soybeans are now used in so many different types of products, food and non-food, more studies are

Is this an actual problem or an assumed problem?

There are conflicting reports. Some studies have demonstrated that there is an actual problem while other studies demonstrated a health benefit. The issue

Social Significance

Does your problem have social significance?

Very much so.

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