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Case study Activity


Case study Activity.
Topic: HR Orientation and Onboarding
Length: 500 words
APA Style

Objective: After the completion of this assignment, you will be to work with a team to develop a comprehensive training program for an appropriate corporate setting. Utilize technology resources to develop and deliver a web-based training program.

Background: Since 2008, the T&D field has undergone a significant transformation with the accelerated shift from traditional classroom methodologies to web-based administration.  The reasons for this acceleration are two-fold: first, technology has reached a point where web-based training has become an effective option for companies of all sizes; second (and most notably), the “great recession” has caused companies to embrace this technology in order to reduce inherent “peripheral” training costs associated with traditional training (e.g., travel, meals, facilities, etc). As a result, the core skill set required of training professionals has also shifted, with training administration and “teaching” taking a secondary role to curriculum design and development; obviously, this translates to a shift from “soft skills” to “hard skills,” and may be contrary to the motivations of many training professionals that have entered the field in the past. In acknowledgement of this shift, the main project for this course will require your team to develop a web-based training session on an assigned topic.



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