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Homework answers / question archive / Strategy Term Project – Group project This project will lead you from selecting a company to study to answering a number of specific issues related to that company

Strategy Term Project – Group project This project will lead you from selecting a company to study to answering a number of specific issues related to that company


Strategy Term Project – Group project

This project will lead you from selecting a company to study to answering a number of specific issues related to that company. This project will require you to research a company in some detail. The first step, finding a company, may be the most critical consideration and should not be undertaken lightly. Each section in each chapter asks you to address specific issues related both to the chapter and to your project. You will produce a paper of no more than 20 pages doubled space, times new Roman 10-point font minimum. When writing this paper, you should include headings indicating which chapter you are addressing such as Chapter 7 … Plan to write efficiently and capture detail from your investigation. Tables and charts can be included in an appendix which will not count against your page limit.


//// Module 9: Strategic Alliance and M&A Strategy


Use Exhibit 9.1 as a decision tree guide on your focal firm. Identify a strategic resource gap to study about the firm. Use the related questions to guide your thinking on the appropriate corporate strategy (build, borrow, or buy) to employ to close this gap and move the company forward.


Research what strategic alliances your firm has entered in the past three years. If there are several of these, choose the three you identify as the most important for further analysis. Based on company press releases and business journal reports for each alliance, what do you find to be the main reason the firm entered these alliances?


Do you think each of the three alliances achieves the original intent and therefore is successful? Why or why not?


Does your firm have an identifiable alliance management organization? Can you find any evidence that this organization improves the likelihood of success for these alliances? What responsibilities does this alliance management organization have in your firm?


Has your firm participated in any mergers or acquisitions in the past three years? What was the nature of these actions? Did they result in a consolidation of competitors?

//// Module 10: Global Strategy

If your firm is already engaged in international activities, answer the following questions:


Is your company varying its product or service to adapt to differences in countries? Is the marketing approach different among the nations involved? Should it be?


Is your firm working internationally to access larger markets? To gain low-cost input factors? To develop new competencies? Is its approach in all three areas appropriate?


Which of the four global strategies is the firm using? Is this the best strategy for it to use? Why or why not? (Exhibit 10.8provides a summary of the four global strategies.)


If your firm is not now engaged internationally, answer the following questions:


Would your firm’s product or service need to be modified or marketed differently if it expanded beyond the home country?


Does your firm have the potential to access larger markets by expanding internationally? Does it have the possibility of lowering input factors with such expansion? Please explain why or why not.


If your firm decided to expand internationally, where does the firm reside on the integration-responsiveness framework? (Refer to Exhibit 10.6 if needed.) What does this result say about the “best” global strategy for your firm to use for international expansion?

//// Module 12: Corporate Governance

In this module, you will study the governance structure of your selected firm. This is also our concluding module, so we will have final questions for you to consider about your firm overall.


Find a list of the members of the board of directors for your firm. How large is the board? How many independent (non-employee) members are on the board? Are any women or minorities on the board? Is the CEO also the chair of the board?


Who are the largest stockholders of your firm? Is there a high degree of employee ownership of the stock?


In reviewing press releases and news articles about your firm over the past year, can you find examples of any actions the firm has taken that, though legal, may be ethically questionable?


You have now completed 12 modular assignments about your selected firm. You know a lot about its mission, strategies, competitive advantage, and organization. Is this a company you would like to work for? If you had $1,000 to invest in a firm, would you invest it in the stock of this firm? Why or why not?

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