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Figure 13


Figure 13.11 chronological résumé: recent University graduate With Limited Experience


Haley Hawkins used Microsoft Word to design a traditional chronological résumé that she plans to give to recruit-ers at campus job fairs or during interviews. The two-column formatting enables recruiters and hiring managers to immediately follow the chronology of her education and experience. This formatting is easy to create by using the Word table feature and removing the borders so that no lines show. Haley includes an objective that is specific in describing what she seeks but broad enough to encompass many possible positions. Her summary of qualifications emphasizes the highlights of her experience and education. Because she has so little experience, she includes a brief list of related courses to indicate her areas of interest and training. Although she has limited paid experience that relates to the position she seeks, she is able to capitalize on her intern experience by featuring accomplishments and transferable skills.


Figure 13.12 chronological résumé: Student Seeking Internship

Although Amy has had one internship, she is seeking another as she is about to graduate. To aid her search, she prepared a chronological résumé that emphasizes her education and related course work. She elected to omit her home address because she prefers that all communication take place digitally or by telephone. Instead of a career objective, she states exactly the internship position she seeks. Notice that in her résumé Amy uses standard headings that would be easily recognized by an applicant tracking system. She decided not to start with a summary of qualifications because she has little to offer. Instead, she focused on her experience and related it to the position she seeks.

Figure 13.13 Functional résumé: recent college graduate With Unrelated Part-Time Experience

Recent graduate Dallas Dayal chose this functional format to de-emphasize his meager work experience and emphasize his potential in sales and marketing. This version of his résumé is more generic than one targeted for a specific position. Nevertheless, it emphasizes his strong points with specific achievements and includes an employment section to satisfy recruiters. The functional format presents ability-focused topics. It illustrates what the job seeker can do for the employer instead of narrating a history of previous jobs. Although recruiters prefer chronological résumés, the functional format is a good choice for new graduates, career changers, and those with employment gaps.




Figure 13.14 chronological résumé: University graduate With Substantial Experience Because Rachel has many years of experience and seeks executive-level employment, she highlighted her experience by placing it before her education. Her summary of qualifications highlighted her most impressive experience and skills. This chronological two-page résumé shows the steady progression of her career to executive positions, a movement that impresses and reassures recruiters.



Figure 13.16 Solicited cover Letter


Because Signa HealthNet, Inc., is organizing a new information management team for its recently established group insurance division, could you use the services of a well-trained information systems graduate who seeks to become a professional systems analyst? I read with great interest the article in Forbes announcing the upcoming launch of US Bank. Congratulations on this new venture and its notable $50 million in loans precharter! The possibility of helping your bank grow is exciting, and I would like to explore a potential employment match that I am confident will be mutually beneficial. ? Show how your special talents and background will benefit the company. Human resources managers need to be convinced that you can do something for them.


Figure 13.17 Unsolicited cover Lette


Could your rapidly expanding publications division use the services of an edi-torial assistant who offers exceptional language skills, an honors degree from the University of Mississippi, and two years’ experience in producing a campus literary publication? In applying for an advertised job, Sophia Williams wrote the solicited cover letter shown in Figure 13.16. Notice that her opening identifies the position advertised on the company’s website so that the reader knows exactly what advertisement Sophia means. Using features on her word processing program, Sophia designed her own letterhead that uses her name and looks like professionally printed letterhead paper. More challenging are unsolicited cover messages, such as the letter of Jared Chen shown in Figure 13.17. Because he hopes to discover or create a job, his opening must grab the reader’s attention immediately. To do that, he capitalizes on company

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