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Homework answers / question archive / Are ideology and false consciousness – sometimes referred to as “invisible power” – really power instruments? Discuss

Are ideology and false consciousness – sometimes referred to as “invisible power” – really power instruments? Discuss


Are ideology and false consciousness – sometimes referred to as “invisible power” – really power instruments? Discuss.

According to psychoanalytic theory, thoughts and feelings that fall below the threshold of our awareness but can still guide our thoughts and behaviors are part of the: OA) conscious B) subconscious OC) preconscious OD) postconscious E) unconscious Question 7 (1 point) Of the three general types of traits characterized by Gordon Allport, __________traits are those that dominate a personality, whereas are more general dispositions that describe someone. traits A) primary, secondary B) cardinal, secondary C) primary, central OD) central, cardinal E) cardinal, central According to self-determination theory, we are more likely to experience well- being and success when our environments support: OA) autonomy, competence and relatedness B) self-efficacy and outcome efficacy C) self-esteem and self-determination OD) an internal locus of control OE) an external locus of control Question 9 (1 point) This term refers to the process of developing and validating tools to accurately measure and quantify traits and other measures of personality. OA) assessment B) diagnosis OC) evaluation OD) research OE) analysis The five-factor model posits five key dimensions along which human personalities vary. Which of the following is NOT among the Big Five traits in this model? A) extraversion B) open-mindedness C) assertiveness D) conscientiousness E) neuroticism

Personality dimensions previously been referred to as "masculinity" and "femininity" are now more commonly known as and respectively. OA) approach; avoidance B) cardinal; central C) yin; yang D) agency; communion E) analytic; synthetic Question 12 (1 point) This statistical technique allows researchers to take hundreds or thousands of personality traits and form substantially fewer groups based on which traits correlate with one another. A) correlational analysis B) cluster analysis C) grouping analysis D) regression analysis E) factor analysis Question 13 (1 point) After having another argument with his boss, Isaiah comes home and yells at his soft-spoken roommate who had nothing to do with his current work conflict. Isaiah's behavior in this instance exemplifies which of of the following Freudian defense mechanisms? OA) denial B) projection OC) displacement OD) repression E) sublimation Question 14 (1 point) All of the following are examples of self-serving biases EXCEPT: A) shifting your definition of "smart" to reflect skills you actually possess. B) believing that you received a low grade because you didn't spend enough time studying C) overestimating how much you have contributed to a group project. D) thinking of yourself as smarter than the average student taking the same classes. E) attributing your success in a marathon to your speed and endurance Regional analyses of personality traits in the United States have shown that people from this region tend to have a "temperamental and uninhibited" personality profile. A) Midwest OB) Northeast C) South OD) West Coast

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