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The paper should be at least 2 but no more than 4 pages

Health Science

The paper should be at least 2 but no more than 4 pages.

Double-spaced, typed. New Times Roman font.

APA 6 citation format.

Done in MS-WORD and submitted under the 'Assignments' tab with the following titling format: First Initial Last Name_Paper Title (for example: JDoe_MicrobiologyofPets)

At least 3 sources, including a peer reviewed article or governmental publication, must be used

You will choose from 1 of the following subject matters and write a paper that defines or explains the subject, gives a brief history, tells the ramifications or importance of it today and looks to the future development of the subject. 

1. Atmospheric dust and microbes impact on health

2. Lung microbes and impact on Covid-19 patients

3. Explain the role of RNA polymerase and Covid-19 mutations

4. Previous Pandemic or Plague-include comparison-contrasts to Covid-19 but the paper should focus on the historic disease more.

*I will not accept a paper full of quotes! That does not show that you have learned anything if you can not explain what you have researched! It means you can copy and paste!*I will not accept a Wikipedia filled paper! Do not be lazy! Research and be comfortable having an intelligent conversation about your choice*

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