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Write a 5 pages paper on educational experience


Write a 5 pages paper on educational experience. In terms of overall performance, I feel that I have done quite well and my overall performance has been satisfactory for me. I do not feel that I have been treated unfairly or that I have met with more than the usual difficulties which help me realize that the improvements I need have to come from within rather than from outside sources. This is a great motivator for my performance because I feel that I have all the resources within me and just need to bring them up to use when the moment comes for it.

In one word, procrastination. Leaving things to the last minute makes me feel stressed but at the same time, I perform better under stress rather than knowing that there is still plenty of time remaining to complete a given project. I need to stop letting time slip out of my hands and start working on whatever I need to do without creating artificial delays. Further, I feel that I should stop putting too much time on my entertainment and relaxation needs since I find that time often melts away if I am too engaged in a good book or listening to music wash over me.

My ability to work under stress and give excellent output in bursts of creativity is something I would want to continue as a natural skill that has developed within me. Secondly, I believe that my ability to comprehend difficult material by slowly reading through it and creating my own examples in my mind is something which would certainly help me maintain my performance levels. These are the two elements which I certainly want to continue with as I progress through my studies and further in my career.

The first thing that I feel I need to start doing is learning how to use time management skills and set mental alarms for myself which are based on time and date that allow me to set my own deadlines for the completion of certain phases of my schoolwork.

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