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Homework answers / question archive / Question 1)   If you want to keep information about your Web browsing private, you can use Microsoft Edge’s ____ feature

Question 1)   If you want to keep information about your Web browsing private, you can use Microsoft Edge’s ____ feature

Computer Science

Question 1)


If you want to keep information about your Web browsing private, you can use Microsoft Edge’s ____ feature.

  • Question 2



People who create and send malware are called ____.

  • Question 3



____-party cookies are generated from Web site advertisers, who might use them to track your Web use for marketing purposes.

  • Question 4



Viruses and other security threats are often contained in email attachments, especially files with filename extensions such as ____.

  • Question 5



When you visit a Web site with pop-up windows and the Pop-up Blocker is turned on, the ____ opens to display a message informing you that it blocked a pop-up window.

  • Question 6



Microsoft Edge’s ____ feature helps prevent Web site content providers from collecting information about sites you visit.

  • Question 7



You need to keep ____ in Windows Defender up to date.

  • Question 8



A Windows ____ is a collection of information that indicates the files and folders you can access, the types of changes you can make to the computer, and your preferred appearance settings.

  • Question 9



A service pack is a(n) ____.

  • Question 10



Windows Firewall protects your computer by ____.






  • Question 11



____ updates usually enhance your computing experience and repair problems that are not considered critical.

  • Question 12



A(n) ____ password contains at least eight characters, is composed of words not found in a dictionary, and contains lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • Question 13



A(n) ____ is a small file that records information about you, such as the type of browser you are using, your email address, and your preferences for using a Web site.

  • Question 14



Windows comes equipped with antispyware software called ____.

  • Question 15



When Windows Defender detects suspicious software, it displays a dialog box where you can choose the ____ option, for example.

  • Question 16



Your best protection against malware is to use the current version of ____.

  • Question 17



In the Customize Settings window for Windows Firewall, which of the following can you specify?

  • Question 18



A ____ is harmful computer code that spreads without your interaction, slipping from one network to another and replicating itself on network computers.

  • Question 19



A(n) ____ is programming code that performs a series of commands and can be embedded in a Web page.

  • Question 20



Sometimes pop-up ads may ____, or seize control of, your browser.

  • Question 21



A Windows ____ account is primarily for people who need temporary access to a computer, and it is not used often.

  • Question 22



UAC stands for ____.

  • Question 23



Which of the following is a Microsoft Edge security feature?

  • Question 24



You can delete cookies by clearing your Web page ____.

  • Question 25



A browser ____ is a program offered by any software vendor that provides enhancements such as a toolbar or an improved search feature.






Question 26



____ is another term for harmful software, including viruses.


Question 27



Antivirus software works by comparing files on your computer against a ____.


Question 28



Spammers may use your computer to send spam to other computers without your permission, a practice known as ____.


Question 29



____ are windows that appear while you are viewing a Web page and advertise a product or service.


Question 30



____ are electronic security marks that can be added to files. They identify the publisher of a file and verify that the file has not had its integrity compromised.






Question 31



A ____ is malware that hides inside another program, such as a photo-viewing program that you download from the Web.


Question 32



____ can install itself on your computer without your knowledge or consent, and monitors your computing activities to collect information about you.


Question 33



Web ____ are transparent images that invisibly track Web site usage.


Question 34



A(n) ____ is a digital document that verifies the security of a Web site you visit.


Question 35



A(n) ____ Web site is a fraudulent site posing as a legitimate one.






Question 36



____ is an attempt to deceive you into revealing personal or financial information when you respond to an email message or visit a Web site.


Question 37



____ is software that acts as a barrier between your computer and a network or the Internet.



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