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Homework answers / question archive / Review the Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council Advocacy Toolbox

Review the Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council Advocacy Toolbox


Review the Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council Advocacy Toolbox. Read the “Writing to government officials or lobbyists” and the “Opposing a Proposal” and the “Supporting a Proposal” sample letters. Additionally, read “Changing public opinion” for this assignment.


Using the same topic from SLP (Attached)1, identify the level you wish to write to (local, state, or national).


For this SLP assignment, choose whether you will be writing on “opposing a proposal” or “supporting a proposal.”


Choose three key elements from “Changing public opinion” page and discuss how these elements relate to influencing policymakers (one paragraph).


Discuss the role of collaboration in health communication and advocacy.


Write a one-page letter, that encompasses the information from the above 3 bullets (on “opposing a proposal” or “supporting a proposal”).

Note: The first two pages must address above items 1-4. The third page is a one-page letter on “opposing a proposal” or “supporting a proposal” and encompasses the information from your required readings.

Total Length: 3 pages.





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