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Homework answers / question archive / Write 6 pages with APA style on Questioning and Assessment Strategies

Write 6 pages with APA style on Questioning and Assessment Strategies


Write 6 pages with APA style on Questioning and Assessment Strategies. I can use visual support for questioning, where I will facilitate drawings of the entire plant or parts of the plant. Then, I will tell them to say the name of the part that I point to. Therefore, this strategy will allow the engagement of the student in the process, is I will use it for both individual student and group learning.

Secondly, the learning process is repetitive in nature, thus, as a teacher engaging young students, I will engage oral repetition of the content to the students in the form of a question (Gavriel, 2013). Thus, after every sub-unit covered in class, at the end of the lessons, I will randomly ask questions repeatedly in the context of the class, to allow students to synthesize the information gained, as well as, evaluate their understanding and grasping power on the subunit covered. For instance, engaging the plant part of the leaf, I can ask questions such as what color is a leaf, the parts of the leaf, and the function of the leaf on the plant. With such oral questions, I will evaluate their understanding of the content through oral questioning.

The use of total physical response strategy is also applicable in orally questioning the students on the unit content. This strategy includes demonstration, where I can request a student to act out the function of a certain plant part and others to name that part. Moreover, I can also dramatize the function of the plant part we study and ask them to name that part. This strategy will prove effective as drama is always enjoyable and fascinating to young people. Thus, like my students, I will engage them orally efficiently.

In a 3rd grade class with students with diverse cultural and language backgrounds, it is essential for the lesson strategies to cater for diversity in the&nbsp.class.&nbsp.

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