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Homework answers / question archive / an research paper on historic theories/explanations/examples/current thinking

an research paper on historic theories/explanations/examples/current thinking


an research paper on historic theories/explanations/examples/current thinking. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. In 2006, some federal agencies signed a memo of understanding for federal management in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings known as Guiding Principles. Derived from the name, Guiding Principles, it charged organizations with putting into practice the operational strategies and building designs that offer optimal performance and maximize the value of life cycle asset. In 2008, the Interagency Sustainability Working Group created&nbsp.High Performance and Sustainable Buildings Guidance& order to help the agencies in attaining the sustainable building goals and high performance of&nbsp.Executive Order 13423 (Archer, 1999, p.87).

Conservation refers to a description of the process by which the design, material, and historical worth and integrity of the built heritage of human beings are prolonged via interventions that are planned in a careful manner. The person who is involved in this pursuit is called or referred to as a conservator (Faleer, 2009, p.38). The decisions regarding how and when to be engaged in an intervention are very important to the eventual conservation of the object that cannot be moved or that is stationary. The decision is eventually based on value, i.e. a combination of informational, contextual, and artistic values is usually taken into consideration (Zouche, 1998, p. 47). However, in some instances, we find that a decision of not having to engage an intervention might be the best choice.

Restoration refers to a specific treatment method and philosophy, which means the process or even act of correctly portraying the character, form, and features of property just the way it appeared at a specific or given period of time by way of removal of the features or properties from some other periods in the history of that object and reconstruction of the features that are missing from the period.

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