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Homework answers / question archive / As you know, there is a new FASB review about revenue recognition

As you know, there is a new FASB review about revenue recognition


As you know, there is a new FASB review about revenue recognition.  I would like all of you to put together a comprehensive analysis of what the revenue recognition changes will mean to business.  Please also address the issues under consideration from those that do not support the changes.  If you were the CFO of a business, which position would you support?  Please also take the position of a stakeholder and provide us with an argument as to why revenue recognition changes need to take place as soon as possible.

I would expect you to provide at least three supporting articles (minimum) to support this issue - word docs please so we can all have instant access.

the second paper is about ERM issues(5 pages)



I have attached a document which details the top risks identified by executives.  More information on this can be found in the Journal of Accountancy which is free online through the AICPA and also at the University of North Carolina ERM website - you can google University of North Carolina ERM initiative and get lots of information plus some good graphics.  I would like you all to start to engage in a conversation on why the understanding of risks is important to a financial leader.  We will learn that the risk itself may not be a financial event, but the event may result in a financial impact.

Please read this document and supplement it with other research to write a document that fully discusses your understanding of risks for today's businesses and its impact on the accounting framework.

the third paper is about cyber security issues ( 5pages)

provide a detail  5 pages summary and at least five references.  Our goal here is to educate each other.

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