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Homework answers / question archive / writing homework on Strategic Tourism Planing case study of city Brighton

writing homework on Strategic Tourism Planing case study of city Brighton


writing homework on Strategic Tourism Planing case study of city Brighton. Write a 4000 word paper answering; 2. The purpose of the study is to find out the sustainable tourism plans of the city of Brighton & Hove. A tourism plan according to Stynes, D. & O’Halloran, C. (1987) must look at all the tourism resources, organization, markets within the region. It should also include economic, environmental, social, and institutional aspects of tourism development. The tourism plans of the city therefore must address all these issues. In analyzing the goals and objectives of the city plan, it is important to see if the plans serves the broader purpose, such as does it contribute to a broader tax base, how does it increase employment opportunities, expand recreational facilities, better educational programs, and how does it improve the quality of life.

Destination places, like any economic product, has a life cycle and goes through several stages. It is like stages of cancer that comes in several stages wherein the fourth stage is the final blow – the termination of the life cycle. The first stage is the discovery stage wherein a number tourists come to a place seeking for “unspoiled” destination. The social impact at this stage is generally small and the residents welcome the tourists with positive attitudes. [BFSC}

On the second stage, is the launching, wherein the host community is now ready to welcome the increasing number of tourists. The host community has started to provide facilities. Business starts first from a family base structure, but later on develops to a wider range as outsiders develop their business interests. Business develops into a mass market and novelty declines. Stage 3 is the stagnation wherein the market is saturated , the quality of services is no longer good, and there are signs of environmental degradation of the tourist destination. It is the worrying stage.

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