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Homework answers / question archive / Create a 1 page page paper that discusses developing self developing others

Create a 1 page page paper that discusses developing self developing others


Create a 1 page page paper that discusses developing self developing others. Developing Self Developing Others Communication John scored a (insert score) for the communication proficiency as during the group discussion he offered his opinion in a pleasant, positive way. The way he structured his opinions was very good as he used phrases such a “to me this is important because…” offering good substantiation for others to take on board. He became considerably quieter during the last task however, offering little input and discussion to the group - it would have been nice to see a more continuous flow of good communication from him.

Planning and Organizing

In planning and organizing, the score attained by John was (insert score). His performance got evaluated from his role play and he expedited his job in an organized manner. He expressed strong proficiency in preparation and organization. His time management and placement of tasks in a sequential way also showed strong planning skills he possesses. John also demonstrated that he is a strategic visional thinker when he scheduled tasks according to their complexity and put in place possible solutions for probable future challenges. He also demonstrated efficient time management skills, by planning tasks in a written schedule for prompt completion.

Relationship Management

John’s prowess in relationship management was effortlessly reinforced by his outgoing nature. To other team members, he was extremely welcoming and warmed up to every member of the group. His score in management of association was (insert score). In his interaction with the group members, he applied body language and was supportive of other group members through affirmative exploits such as nodding. He was very easy-to-read in verbal communication and in body language. His management of relationships was easy to determine as he was tactful and promoted open discourses among members. When disagreeing with opinions of others, he did it tactfully and avoided condescending utterances. His handling of dissenting opinions acted as motivations to other group members and therefore stood out as a good relationship manager.

According to Bakeman and Quera (2011), methodical examination as it occurs successively in time, measures impulsive normal performance.


Bakeman, R., & Quera, V. (2011).Sequential Analysis and Observational Methods for the Behavioral Sciences. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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