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Homework answers / question archive / Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on information technology for knowledge management

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on information technology for knowledge management


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on information technology for knowledge management. (SDR) Technology to Improve Information Access Performance in Engineering

Document Management. Computers in Industry, 59(1), 3-16.

This article is a documentation of the development in the computing industry and the strategies implemented in adapting to changes in the field. Liu, McMahon, and Culley describe the processes that led to the development of SDR technology. In the article, the authors explain the reasons behind the development of information retrieval (IR) technologies, such as incompatibility of files between the traditional and modern systems. This paper justifies the existence of the SDR in the engineering field and its purpose in information retrieval. This article provides information on the challenges that led to the development of a better-structured information retrieval system.

Tu, Yi-Ning, & Seng, Jia-Lang. (2009). Research Intelligence Involving Information Retrieval.

Expert Systems with Applications, 36(10), 12151-12166.

According to Tu and Seng, works involving IT technologies in the education sector is one of the fastest-growing ventures. The article in question represents a collection of ideas from comprehensive studies in the information technology field. The article by Tu and Seng is an attempt to congregate information on the information retrieval subject with considerations to current operational systems. The intelligence gathered exposes the need for continued studies in the information retrieval field. This article is useful in my study for it shows that perfection in the information retrieval subject has not yet been attained, there exist challenges.

Zhou, W., Smalheiser, N., & Yu, C. (2006). A Tutorial on Information Retrieval: Basic Terms

and Concepts. Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration, 1, 1-3.

The article presents an exhaustive tutorial on the basics of applying information retrieval techniques to acquire useful information on a particular subject. This tutorial is meant for a beginner who primarily uses search engines like PubMed and Google for information retrieval purposes. PubMed provides a store of articles and journals on medical information, which is accessed with the use of Boolean operators and procures like query preprocessing and query expansion. Google provides information on all subjects and uses Boolean operators to retrieve data from web pages. Both the search engines use techniques like relevant feedback to refine a search query to match the user’s intentions. The article represents the basic applications of the basic user in an attempt to retrieve information from existing systems.

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