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Homework answers / question archive / The Relationship between Media and Polities

The Relationship between Media and Polities


The Relationship between Media and Polities. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. A wide variety of literature ranging from Holbert & Stephenson 2003, Lazarsfeld, Berelsen & Gaudet 1948, McLeod, Kosicki, and McLeod 2002, are mentioned to show how intra-media mediation is overlooked in the traditional study of political communication and media. The writer finds the importance of his study because other studies in the same field have not considered intra-media mediation. The previous studies largely overlooked the fact that the relationships among various forms of media may enable media to function as mediators.

In fact, the study is an extension of the O-S-O-R model of media as the basis for media-related political communication. However, this new work presents an O-S-S-R framework which allows one set of stimuli to influence another set of stimuli, thus considering the intra-media mediation. This framework's benefit is that it can be expanded to include the multiple stages of variables located in between the two sets of stimuli and after the latter stimuli.

The study is based on the assumption that the best predictor of a given type of media use later is its use at a previous time. So, the research has its hypotheses to show the cumulative nature of media use.

Now taking into consideration the fact that the use of one form of media can lead to the use of other forms of media too, the third and fourth hypotheses take birth: television use at a former time positively influences newspaper use at a later time, and newspaper use at a former time positively influences television use at a later time.

Another point of consideration is that at the heart of the presidential election campaign, increased knowledge will be available through media about the endorsement. So, the fifth and sixth hypotheses are television news at a later time influences candidate endorsement knowledge, and newspaper use at a later time positively influences candidate endorsement knowledge.

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