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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages thesis on the topic thomas jefferson building

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic thomas jefferson building


Write 5 pages thesis on the topic thomas jefferson building. This paper argues that the building not only offers formal solutions in terms of methods of design, style and construction but also provides programmatic solutions in terms of use, plan, type and client.

The elaborate design of Thomas Jefferson building was intended to address a number of areas of human achievement without necessarily getting into the controversial areas such as religion and politics. As a result, although the sculptors were assigned several general themes, the muralists worked under strictly guidance from the engineers and the chief architect Edward Pearce Casey. The final work contained some of the richest interior decorations in the United States and particularly exhibited the American Renaissance styles characterized by exhibition progress of civilization and personification the Great men of the country. Generally, the American Renaissance (1876-1917) was a period characterized by renewed nationalism and feelings that the United States was the heir to the Roman law and Greek democracy. The general feelings of New Nationalism during this period were widely expressed in arts combining classical architectural styles with technology and modernism.

On the exterior of the building, several sculptured portrait heads depicting typical world’s races were installed as the keystones on all the main window arches. On the other hand, the second floor portico of the buildings main front entrance that is facing the U.S Capitol was decorated with up to nine sculptors of Great men based on the selections of Ainsworth Rand Spofford. The exterior of the building, particularly window arches of the main story, had sculptured portrait heads installed as keystones. The building’s second-floor portico found on the front entrance that faces the United States Capitol has nine famous busts belonging to great men.

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