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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 12 pages paper on failure mode avoidance: how to design and avoid failure

Write a 12 pages paper on failure mode avoidance: how to design and avoid failure


Write a 12 pages paper on failure mode avoidance: how to design and avoid failure. This task codifies and discusses the techniques for ensuring robust systems, which operate by increasing the range of conditions that the system can function under. It introduces a distinction between two-sided and one-sided failure modes (Birolini 2007, 83). It also proposes four strategies for creating larger windows between different sets of one-sided failure modes. It takes into account the fact that reliability is one of the most significant facets of mechanical engineering and automotive design. Reliability in Mechanical Engineering refers to the proper functioning of a mechanical system under a complete range of conditions experienced in the mechanical engineering field. Reliability requires two critical conditions to be realized. robustness and mistake avoidance.

In the case of Failure Mode Avoidance, the term ‘mistake’ refers to the plethora of manufacturing operations and design operations that may lead to gross error. and in this case, automotive devices. For instance, mistakes such as the installation of a switch backward and misinterpretation of software commands expressed in inches as though expressed in centimeters could lead to gross operational errors (McGill 2007, 40). The reliability of machinery and systems in the mechanical engineering field can be reduced by being wary of these common and silly mistakes. This takes a combination of problem-solving processes and knowledge-based engineering.

‘Robustness’ as pointed out as one of the essentials of failure mode avoidance refers to the ability of a system to function and avoid failure under the full array of conditions that are experienced in the field (McGill 2007, 40). It is a big challenge for mechanical engineers to develop a system that functions perfectly under tightly controlled laboratory conditions. The challenge to have the same system that was developed in laboratory conditions to function&nbsp.well in real-world conditions under different operational conditions is immense. Effective engineering that delivers a robust system is, therefore, a huge challenge for mechanical engineers (McGill 2007, 40).

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