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Homework answers / question archive / Write a 6 pages paper on narrative therapy role play

Write a 6 pages paper on narrative therapy role play


Write a 6 pages paper on narrative therapy role play. The client affirms that she has been nervous since her kids left home. The client feels scared to do anything that might upset the kids when they come over. In the course of the dominant story, I deduced that the client is faced with a problem of anxiety after using the active listening skill of asking confirmatory questions as the customer described her problem. In fact, the client laments that anxiety has imprisoned and limited her freedom to experience life. I suggest that the client should not dwell on anxiety, but move on from it and get to experience life. At last, the client accepts to return to the normal routine of life, that is the life before anxiety settled in.

According to the narrative, it can be deduced that people are not the problem, but instead, anxiety is. There is a clear boundary between the problem and the people (Davies & Linnell, 2010). According to my close analysis of the client in the narrative, I have discovered that there are actually a number of different types of anxiety disorders some of which generally include social anxiety disorder, phobia, panic, and post-traumatic stress disorder among others. According to the narrative, I can affirm that anxiety causes distress and interferes with the normal running of an individual’s life. for instance, the client says that she is finding it harder to do things. Basing my argument on the narrative, I can attest that there are different categories of anxiety and each display different unique signs. For instance, panic disorder may result in restlessness which may subsequently cause the affected person other complications such as chest pain, unusual heartbeat, sweating a lot among other symptoms. In fact, people experiencing panic always feel like dying or losing consciousness. Of note is that the fear of having panic attacks might result in the development of phobias.&nbsp.

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