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Homework answers / question archive / MGT 300 Chapter 2 Learn Smart 1)

MGT 300 Chapter 2 Learn Smart 1)


MGT 300 Chapter 2 Learn Smart

1). Which of these statements represents ideas that Peter Drucker introduced in his book?

  1. The classical viewpoint of management emphasizes ways to ___
  2. Scientific management is the study of work methods to improve the productivity of ___
  3. What are two of Taylor’s principles of scientific management?
  4. Peter Drucker is credited with providing the first modern handbook on the subject of ___
  5. Select the two overarching perspectives about management?
  6. What are the two branches of the classical viewpoint of management?
  7. The scientific approach to management emerged in the early 20th century when companies wished to increase worker productivity to counteract ___
  8. Frank & Lillian Gilbert’s life helped them develop ideas about improving efficiency because they
  9. Two overreaching perspectives about management are the ___ perspectives
  10. Complete the following sentence with all of the true statements about the classical perspective of management. The classical perspective of management …
  11. What three individuals helped pioneer administrative management theory?
  12. What technique did Frank and Lillian Gilbert use to expand on Taylor’s motion studies?
  13. What are the two branches of the classical viewpoint of management?
  14. Frederick Taylor created the scientific management system after studying ___
  15. Administrative management is concerned with managing
  16. The management approach of ____ was one of the 1st to recognize that enriching the lives of organizational & community family was just as important as a company making a profit?
  17. According to Henri Fayol, the major functions of management are:
  18.  The 3rd and 4th principles of ____ suggest that organizations should give workers the training and incentives to do their tasks properly, and should use scientific principles to plan work methods & ease the way for workers to do their jobs
  19. As a pioneer of administrative management, max weber contended that bureaucracies were
  20. Select all of the positive features of bureaucracy according to max weber
  21. Henri Fayol is credited with being the first person to ____ management behavior
  22. Today, the word bureaucracy is associated with inflexibility. But to max weber, a bureaucracy was an efficient & ideal organization based on principles of ___
  23. Max weber said that a better-performing organization should have 5 positive ___ features including a clear hierarchy, formal procedures, clear division of labor, impersonality, and merit-based careers.
  24. Issues with the classical viewpoint include that it:
  25. The field of industrial ____ (the study of human behavior in the workplace) is based on Hugo Munsterberg’s theories
  26. As a pioneer of administrative management, Max weber contended that bureaucracies were
  27. In order to follow Mary Parker Follett’s concept of integration, a company should
  28. The behavioral management viewpoint emphasized
  29. Mary parker Follett would agree with today’s concept of ___
  30. According to the Hawthorne effect hypothesized by Mayo and colleagues, employees worked harder if they:
  31. The ___ studies are credited with drawing attention to the importance of the social nature of workers and the need for good human relations in fostering employee productivity
  32. In which ways did Munsterberg suggest that psychologists could contribute to industry?
  33. Identify the two theorists who contributed the most to the human relations movement
  34. Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs proposes that people are motivated by which needs?
  35. Maslow and McGregor focused on the study of ____ as it relates to increasing worker productivity
  36. A supervisor who considers employees to be irresponsible and resistant to change would be characterized as a theory ___ manager
  37. Theory X managers view workers as
  38. Theory Y managers view works as
  39.  Which approach to management relies upon research is psychology, sociology, anthropology and economics in order to develop theories about human behavior that can be used to provide practical tools for managers?
  40. What are the two branches of quantitative management?
  41. What 4 disciplines are included in the behavioral science approach to management?
  42. Management science is sometimes known as ___
  43. A system is a set of ____ parts that operate together to achieve a common purpose
  44. By adopting the systems viewpoint, you can visualize your organization as a :
  45. What are the 3 viewpoints of the contemporary perspective of management?
  46. Within the systems viewpoint, what 4 things are considered part of a system?
  47. According to the systems viewpoint, what are three types of inputs?
  48. Which two management perspectives typically consider an organization to be a closed system?
  49. Complexity theory:
  50. Select all of the true statements regarding Gary Hamel’s thoughts on management:
  51. Two ways for a company to guarantee quality of a product are quality control and quality
  52. Evidence-based management focuses on bringing ____ to the decision process
  53. When Joseph Juan referred to the idea of “fitness for use” he was considering how a product would ___
  54. Which of the following are components of total quality management?
  55. The Six Sigma approach relies on ____ to help improve manufacturing processes
  56. Which of the following are key functions/roles managers must perform in order to create learning organizations?
  57. A learning organization

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