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Homework answers / question archive / Kenneth and Martha are married and would like to file a joint return

Kenneth and Martha are married and would like to file a joint return


Kenneth and Martha are married and would like to file a joint return. • Kenneth applied for Social Security Disability benefits in July 2018, and he began receiving benefits in December 2020. The payment included a lump sum distribu- tion for the time Kenneth's application was pending in 2018 and 2019. Kenneth and Martha filed a joint return each year. In 2018, their modified adjusted gross income was $33,600, and in 2019 their modified adjusted gross income was $35,229. Martha has never received Social Security benefits. • Kenneth and Martha have never itemized their deductions. • Kenneth and Martha received a state income tax refund of $230. • Martha was enrolled in her employer's high deductible health plan (HDHP) with self- only coverage for all of 2020. Martha's employer did not offer family coverage. • Martha contributed $520 to her Health Savings Account in 2020. Her contributions were made pre-tax through her employer's cafeteria plan. • Martha's only medical expenses for the year were two doctor visits totaling $80. • Kenneth purchased health care coverage through the Marketplace, which he had all year. • The Kempers received an Economic Impact Payment (EIP) of $2,400 in 2020. • If the Kempers are due a refund, they want it direct deposited to their checking account. Bank Routing is 111000022; Checking Account number is 1234567890. If they have a balance due, they will mail in the payment. 

15. What age is used to compute the taxable amount of the pension using the Simplified Method?

a. 60

b. 115

c. 116

d. 117

16. How much of Kenneth and Martha's Advance Premium Tax Credit must be repaid?

a. 0 

b. $2,700

c. $5,325

d. $21,613

17. How much should be entered as the amount previously recovered in the simplified method worksheet?

a. $0

b. $25

c. $200

d. $300

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