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Homework answers / question archive / Translate from English into the language of Propositional Logic

Translate from English into the language of Propositional Logic


Translate from English into the language of Propositional Logic. Use the letters provided to stand for simple propositions.

1a. Mary has seen the Eifel Tower, but she has not seen the Louvre. (E, L)
1b. Although Izekiel was exposed to the dangerous virus, he did not contract the horrible disease. (E, C)
1c. Either both the door and the window will remain open or neither of them will. (D, W)
1d. Gryffindor will win the Quidditch match if Harry catches the Golden Snitch. (G, H)
1e. The Gulf of Mexico has a small chance of surviving provided that BP is able to clean up its mistake and no further oil-related disasters occur there.    (G, B, D)
1f. Aardvarks make bad astronauts and so do Armadillos. (A, M)
1g. Destroying the Ring of Power is a necessary condition for defeating Sauron and freeing the people of Middle Earth. (R, D, F)

Objective: Interview for what rights victims have in our society.

Today, victim advocates are prevalent in most communities. They are an important part of the criminal justice system in today’s society. They have a wealth of knowledge and work closely with victims daily. They work with prosecutors, law enforcement, other governmental entities, organizations and individuals in the community to assist victims. Taking the time to speak with a victim advocate is a great opportunity to learn and understand what victims’ rights are, and how advocates assist them.

  • Read Chapter 7 in your textbook.
  • Interview a victims’ rights advocate and write a three page paper about your experience.
    • Make contact with an advocate in your area.
    • Make a request for an interview and explain your assignment.
    • Prepare a set of questions to help you fully understand what a victim advocate is and how they help.
    • Once completed, write an overview of your experience and what you have learned from the interview.

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