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Homework answers / question archive / Watch 7 short infant videos and fill in the charts

Watch 7 short infant videos and fill in the charts


Watch 7 short infant videos and fill in the charts. 

You watch all the videos and make observations based off of all of the them. 

Learning Experience Assignment

3  x 15% = 45% Learning outcomes:

  1. Able to observe key interests/development
  2. Demonstrate the ability to link observations to curriculum activities
  3. Able to demonstrate how curriculum activities support HDLH foundational goals and center expectations
  4. Practice developing developmentally appropriate play-based provocations and learning experiences for different  children
  5. Reflect on and assess the various implementation criteria for different learning experiences
  6. Discuss the various roles educators and children play in the learning process


  1. Using the age specific videos provided observe the various children and their interactions, play, interests and developmental skills.
  2. Collect relevant data on the children to use for potential curriculum planning.
  3. Summarize the observational data using the template provided for the children’s development, interests and potential goals to work towards.
  4. Using the curriculum planning sheet design two learning experiences for the designated age group.
  5. Experiences or materials must include detailed information for the criteria outlined in the planning form.
  6. Include a final summary highlighting the key concerns educators need to be aware of when planning curriculum for the relevant age group, i.e. infants, toddlers and preschool/kindergarten.

Curriculum Plan Week______________                                                                                                                                                            

Observation/ Data

Description of the




Possible Learning:  link to individual, group, family and/or HDLH goals/interests






Set up: Space,  materials, equipment, presentation strategies

Role of People (educators, children, family)















Key Elements to Consider for this Age Group and Curriculum Design:

Observational Summary Sheet for Planning

Children: _____________

Observed Skills






Observed Interests       

Potential  Goals



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