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Reform (see this link: https://www


Reform (see this link: (Links to an external site.)). For this week's discussion, you're going to research. I want you to find other points of view from nursing organizations, etc. Then I want you to share what you find with your classmates. Do you agree with the position of the nursing organization? Do you think that the ACA should be reformed? Do you think that nursing organizations should be involved in advocating one way or another in regards to healthcare bills?

Feel free to share links to websites, videos, etc. But, BE SURE TO CITE YOUR SOURCES IN PROPER format Any copying and pasting from websites may be construed as cheating (see Honor Code). If you quote a website be sure to use appropriate format, in-text citation and list your references at the bottom of the discussion. 

Because this post will take a bit of research, this will be your only forum for this week (which means it counts double; this week only - initial discussion post is not due until Friday. This also means that in order to earn full credit, you must reply to at least 2 classmates' posts by the Sunday deadline.

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