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Homework answers / question archive / The paper consists of two parts: a

The paper consists of two parts: a


The paper consists of two parts:

a. A two page Background/Discussion paper; and

b. One page Conclusion and Recommendations

It is December 2019. You are an Action Officer (AO) and a member of a EUCOM J5 (ECJ5) Joint Planning Group (JPG). As directed by the Chief of Staff through the J5, your JPG has completed an update of the Strategic Estimate (see C207 slides provided) for the Caucasus Region to get the Commander up to speed on the situation in the region regarding Ahurastan and provide the basis for a commander's estimate and, if necessary, development of plans.

Following the successful briefing of the Strategic Estimate, the Combatant Commander learned that he would have to travel to Washington to join the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at congressional hearings on the situation in the Caucasus region regarding Ahurastan. The Combatant Commander will depart for Washington sometime in the next few days.

You have been tasked to prepare a paper for the Combatant Commander to use in testimony before congressional committees and in meetings in Washington regarding Ahurastan. The intent is to provide analysis of the Strategic Estimate, not to regurgitate content.


1. BACKGROUND/DISCUSSION. The paper will not exceed three pages

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