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Homework answers / question archive / Case study Amajd   , plant manager at Control Systems, Inc

Case study Amajd   , plant manager at Control Systems, Inc


Case study
Amajd   , plant manager at Control Systems, Inc., sighed as he sipped??? his first cup of coffee at 5 a.m. and read his agenda for the day. He is giving two company tours in the morning; the first to a newspaper reporter who is writing a story on the new plant expansion and has several questions, and the second to a group of Control Systems, Inc., managers from the east coast. He then has a meeting with unit manager, Hani, to discuss Hani’s recent drop in performance (a task he always hates). Next, he is spending a couple of hours reviewing the trade journals he receives from his high-tech association and writing up a brief synopsis????, for his presentation next week to the Division President. Finally, in late afternoon, he will be reviewing the new equipment malfunction ???? and deciding whether to bring in extra people to get the equipment running as soon as possible. Whew! Just another day in the glamorous life of a manager.
1. Together, all of these behaviors performed by Amjad during his busy day correspond to the management roles discovered in the late 1960s by which of the following management scientists?
2. When Amajd was conducting the tour for the east coast managers, he was operating in which of the management roles?
3. When Amjad was meeting with Hani to discuss his performance concerns, he was operating in which management role?
4. What role was Amjad performing when he gave the plant tour to the newspaper reporter?

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