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A B ? D E F


A B ? D E F. G H - Petrie,S: Do not hard code. Link the appropriate cell in Project Description worksheet to get the data. 1 Budget Assumptions for El Paso Division 2 Projected/Budgeted sales in unit for the Fourth Quarter of 2019 3 The percentage of sales increase from one quarter to next quarter 4 Desired Ending Inventory at the end of each quarter is 20% of the 5 Budgeted sales unit of the same quarter 6 Budgeted Ending inventory units for the Fourth quarter of 2019 7 20,000 10% 20% Petrie,S: Complete Cell B3, B4 and B6 from the data provided in the Part B in the Directions box in Project Description worksheet. These three are the only cells you are supposed to hard code. 2,500 8 9 10 Sales unit 11 Answer check Sales Budget for the 2020 1st quarter 2nd quarter 3rd quarter 4th quarter Total sale units 22,000 24,200 26,620 29,282 102,102 Correct Correct Correct Correct Correct Purchase Budget for the 2020 1st quarter 2nd quarter |3rd quarter 4th quarter Total sales 13 14 15 Budgeted Sales unit 16 Plus Desired Ending Inventory 17 Equal to Total need 18 Less Beginning inventory 19 Equal to Budgeted Purchase 20 Answer check

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