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Homework answers / question archive / Subject name: Business ethics and social responsibility

Subject name: Business ethics and social responsibility


Subject name: Business ethics and social responsibility. course: MBA




a. Moral demands and interest are often considered to be two conflicting terms. Justify your

answer in relation to ethical considerations for an Indian firm.

b. Critically analyze Carroll's Model in terms of its disadvantages.

c. Justify the reason for which UN discloses MDGs.

d. CSR drivers aid in forming CSR policies in India. Identify at least three CSR drivers for a chemical fertilizer unit in India and justify your answer for each of them.


a. Analyze the role of business ethics for Indian companies in terms of the moral behaviour.

b. According to you why ethics differs from moral standards. Substantiate your answer with

suitable examples from Indian Corporates.


a. Explain with suitable examples how triple bottom line approach coincides with


b. Considering a chemical fertilizer plant based at the outskirts of a city, develop a CSR

policy for the plant in terms of its environmental aspect.

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