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NTFSInfo v1

Computer Science

NTFSInfo v1.2 is a little applet that shows you information about NTFS volumes. Its dump includes the size of a drive's allocation units, where key NTFS files are located, and the sizes of the NTFS metadata files on the volume. This information is typically of little more than curiosity value, but NTFSInfo does show some interesting things.

For your assignment for [Windows Operating System] Download and run the NTFSInfo utility from

Explain the details of your hard drive organization (typically Drive C:) using this utility. To run this utility, open a command window, go to the directory where you have stored ntfsinfo.exe, and enter ntfsinfo.exe C:\.

Attach YOUR screenshot from running NTFSinfo utility

List number of sectors and define what it means

List number of total clusters and define what it means

List number of bytes per cluster and define what it means

Translate the number of free clusters from decimal number to a hexadecimal

the response must be a complete APA lab report (title page, conclusion and references page) and your own work. The conclusion is ones general thoughts about the assignment.

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