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Homework answers / question archive / Chapter 8   Leadership   1) In an organization, people in positions that are labeled managerial or supervisory have more opportunities to exert leadership than others

Chapter 8   Leadership   1) In an organization, people in positions that are labeled managerial or supervisory have more opportunities to exert leadership than others


Chapter 8   Leadership


1) In an organization, people in positions that are labeled managerial or supervisory have more opportunities to exert leadership than others.

2) Organizational management is considered a subset of organizational leadership.

3) Class consciousness is considered a negative leadership attribute across cultures.

4) A potential leader who is low in positional power can compensate for that by having very strong personal leadership characteristics.

5) Coercive power is an example of personal power used by managers.

6) Reward power is one of the strongest sources of position power for any manager.

7) A manager is using his reward power when he withholds a desired prize for an employee.

8) Use of referent power is a cost-free way to influence other people.

9) A manager asks one of his subordinates to carry out a request out of friendship. This influence tactic is best referred to as collaboration.

10) A manager is using a coalition tactic when she seeks the aid of others to persuade an employee to do something.

11) A relatively transitory characteristic of a person is referred to as a trait.

12) An individual's drive refers to a high level of energy, effort, and persistence in the pursuit of objectives.

13) A charismatic leader has influence over others based on the individual's inspirational qualities rather than formal power or position.

14) Charismatic leaders typically engage in impression management.

15) Social perceptiveness is the most important component of emotional intelligence.

16) Showing trust and confidence in subordinates is an example of initiating structure behavior.

17) Transformational leadership focuses on motivating followers' self-interests by exchanging rewards for their compliance.

18) Hersey and Blanchard's situational leadership model places particular attention on the behavior of followers.

19) Amounts of reciprocal influence are limited in a leader-follower relationship in the maturity stage.

20) According to Fiedler's leadership contingency theory, a favorable situation for the leader exists when the task is highly unstructured.

21) Extensive training and experience can act as a substitute for leadership.

22) Neutralizer of leadership is any aspect of the organization or work situation that can hinder the exercise of leadership.

23) Leadership process can be best described as a(n) ________.

24) Which of the following is a valid observation about organizational leadership?

25) Organizational management ________.

26) Which of the following is a valid observation of the interrelationship between management and leadership?

27) Identify a leader's attribute that is universally viewed as positive.

28) Which of the following leader attributes is viewed as positive in some cultures and as negative in some others?

29) ________ behaviors of leaders is considered a negative behavior across cultures.

30) Requirement of ________ involves not only the obligations of the subordinate to the superior but also the obligations of the superior to respect the subordinate and care for his or her welfare.

31) Kerry is a unit manager in a Japanese automobile company. He leads a small team of design engineers at the company. He takes good care of his subordinates and expects performance in return. These management practices can be best referred to as ________.

32) ________ power is based on a manager's rank in an organization.

33) Interim Money, Inc., an independent organization, sells ATMs, as well as owns, operates, and manages ATMs for independent financial institutions in the United States. The organization follows a vertical organizational structure, and managers at different levels are given different levels of authority to control employees. The managers at Interim money obtain ________ power due to the vertical structure and operations.

34) Which of the following refers to the power granted to a manager by the organization?

35) Which of the following is an example of personal power?

36) Which of the following is an example of positional power?

37) An individual becomes powerful if he is able to give others the rewards they want. The power obtained in this manner is a form of ________ power.

38) The employees of a firm reports to line managers and they are responsible for controlling the work of the employees. What kind of power does the line managers enjoy in this example?

39) Legitimate power of a person is reduced if the ________.

40) Power obtained due to ________ is an example of positional power.

41) Managers usually have the authority to distribute rewards to employees. This reward power they enjoy is one of the strongest sources of ________ power.

42) Robert, a highly experienced software engineer, joins a new company as the manager of a large group of employees. In his first meeting with the employees of the new organization, he explains his expectations on the behavior of employees. He also lets the employees know that noncompliance with his norms will result in withholding the rewards that they receive. Which of the following types of power is Robert using here?

43) Broman Group Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells consumer product dispensing systems. Jim Cole is a plant supervisor at one of the manufacturing plants of the company. He observes a dip in the performance of a worker in his team. Jim informs the employee that he will release his annual increment only if his performance improves significantly in the coming months. Which of the following is most similar to the situation mentioned here?

44) You follow your doctors' prescriptions though they do not have any formal authority on you. This behavior can be attributed to the doctors' ________ power.

45) When people are attracted to, or identified with, someone, that person acquires ________ power.

46) A subordinate begins using gestures similar to those of his superior and imitating certain aspects of the superior's speech patterns. This is indicative of ________ power that exists in organizations.

47) Which of the following types of powers has relatively the lowest cost when used in organizations?

48) Identify the most accurate description of the rational persuasion influence tactic.

49) Chris manages a team of legal content developers at Spartal, a legal process outsourcing company. In order to meet an important deadline, Chris wants the employees to work for a few extra hours every day. Chris offers special incentives to the employees for finishing the job on time and for putting in extra work hours. Which of the following influence tactics is used here?

50) Roma is an HR executive at Arbitron Technologies, an electronic manufacturing firm. She often finds it difficult to schedule supervisor interviews for potential candidates as the supervisors are always busy with their normal work. She also feels that the supervisors do not cooperate with her adequately. Roma seeks help from the COO to resolve this issue and he helps her in obtaining help from the supervisors. Identify the influence tactic used here.

51) George works as a journalist in a media company. He often finds it difficult to obtain interviews from celebrities and other famous people. He gives excessive compliments to the celebrities and tries to impress them when requesting for interviews. Which influence tactic is George using?

52) A manager offers to provide relevant resources and assistance if his subordinate will approve a proposed change. Which of the following influence tactics is being used by this manager?

53) Which of the following is the most accurate description of empowerment?

54) Relatively enduring characteristics of a person are called ________.

55) An individual's drive refers to a(n)________.

56) An individual has a strong desire to influence others and to be in charge. These behaviors are most closely associated with the individual's ________.

57) Penelope is the owner of a small-scale business. She has worked as a vice president in a large multinational company after graduating from a reputable university. After starting her own business, Penelope earns much lesser than what she used to earn before. However, she always had the desire to become an entrepreneur and is highly enthusiastic about attaining that goal. She displays high levels of energy and works day in and day out to achieve her goals. Which of the following traits is most evident in Penelope?

58) Edwin manages a small team of knowledge workers. He often faces tight deadlines and other work pressures. Despite this, Edwin remains a calm and composed leader. He is often praised for his ability to handle things with maturity. He is also receptive to healthy criticism. Which of the following attributes of leadership is most evident in Edwin's actions?

59) Charisma constitutes a set of traits that can produce an especially strong form of ________ power.

60) A person can be called a charismatic leader if he or she ________.

61) Which of the following is a possible disadvantage associated with charismatic leaders?

62) Gordon, the CEO of a closed-end business development company, believes strongly in the ideas that he proposes and stands by them. He displays high level of self-confidence and is an inspiration to his followers. Many consider him as a role model. Gordon can be called a ________ leader.

63) Which of the following is a common attribute of charismatic leaders?

64) As a person moves up in the organization, the relative importance of ________ decreases.

65) Which of the following can be considered the essence of emotional intelligence?

66) Arminor, Inc. distributes medical and surgical supplies, apart from providing supply chain management services in the United States. The company is known for employee friendliness and quality of work life. The company requires its managers to be aware of the employees' feelings and their own feelings. The company recruits managers who have the ability to self-regulate their activities. Which of the following leadership skill is likely to be considered the most important by this company?

67) Which of the following is one of the key components of social intelligence?

68) Which of the following statements is true about social intelligence?

69) Which of the following can be categorized as task behavior?

70) A manager who shows trust and confidence in subordinates is displaying ________ behavior.

71) Transformational leaders ________.

72) Leadership that motivates followers to ignore self-interests and work for the larger good of the organization to achieve significant accomplishments is called ________ leadership.

73) Charles leads a team of eleven employees in a fashion design company. He believes in achieving better productivity by effectively managing the employees. He adequately rewards good performers at his company and insists on the use of standard procedures. He makes changes only when it is absolutely essential for the survival of the company. Charles is a(n) ________ leader.

74) A manager motivates his subordinates to work toward achieving the organizational goals even by foregoing their personal welfare. He does this by modeling the behaviors through his actions. He has created an image of a self-sacrificing leader through his actions. This manager is a(n) ________ leader

75) According to authentic leadership development theory, those who earn the designation from others as authentic leaders ________.

76) Which of the following theories/models has its primary emphasis on followers' readiness to engage in learning new tasks?

77) Which of the following stages in the development of leader-member relationships is associated with almost unlimited amounts of reciprocal influence?

78) Which of the following statements is true about the maturity stage of leader-member relationships?

79) Which of the following statements is consistent with the leader-member exchange theory?

80) Which of the following situations can be seen as an application of leader-member exchange (LMX) theory?

81) Which of the following theories advocated the view that leadership effectiveness would be dependent on a combination of the type of leader and the relative degree of favorability of the situation for the leader?

82) What is the central concept of Fiedler's leadership contingency theory?

83) Which of the following statements is consistent with the path-goal theory of leadership?

84) According to the path-goal theory of leadership, supportive leadership is most suitable when the ________.

85) Altdoor International Corp. manufactures and markets commercial trucks, buses, diesel engines, and military vehicles. The company manufactures the engines and assembles the vehicles from a large factory located in southern California. Lynn is the supervisor of one of the teams that function in the production line and most of the tasks that the members perform are structured and routine. Lynn believes that the supportive leadership style is most suited to manage his team. Which of the following information, if true, would most support Lynn's belief?

86) Which of the following is the best example of a leadership substitute?

87) Neutralizer of leadership is any aspect of the organization or work situation that ________.

88) Textronic Technologies, a large software company, believes that close supervision is not essential to manage the software developers. The company wants to find an alternative for using direct supervisors to manage the engineers. Which of the following techniques can the company use to achieve this goal?

89) Which of the following would act as a neutralizer of leadership?

90) What is organizational leadership? How can leadership be effective?

91) Compare and contrast leading and managing.

92) How does leadership differ across cultures?

93) Briefly differentiate between personal power and position power.

94) Briefly explain the two types of personal powers.

95) Explain any three types of influence tactics that managers can use to influence employees.


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