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11.3 Ackerman & Goldsmith (2011) found that students who studied text from printed hard copy had better test scores than students who studied text presented on a screen. In a related study, a professor noticed that several students in a large class had purchased the e-book version of the course textbook. For the final exam, the overall average for the entire class was u +85, but the n = 10 students who purchased the e-book had a mean of M = 77 with a standard deviation of s = 6. Do these data indicate a significant decrease in test scores on the final exam due to the use of a e-book? Use a one-tailed test with a = .05. Note for problems 11.2-11.4 above: Be sure and show a full diagram of the research design. Also show all steps and calculations you made for each test following the process outlined in the t-test formula sheet handout. What statistical decision do you make in each case? Finally report your results professionally in APA format (see last step of the formula sheet for this module).

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