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Chapter 7 Review Question 1


Chapter 7 Review Question

1.         What are the three levels of management hierarchy? For each level, which management skills might be considered most important, and why?

2.         Identify the four basic managerial functions. Suppose you were hired to be the manager of a local restaurant. Which managerial functions would likely be the biggest part of your job? In what ways?


3.         Describe the link between a company’s vision and its ethical standards. Why is it important for top management to put forth a clear vision and ethical standards for a company?

4.         Define objective. Outline objectives you might have for your college education and career. How might this outline help your own career strategy?

The objective is a set guideposts by which managers define performance in such areas as new-product development, sales, service, growth, environmental and social responsibility, and employee satisfaction. Objectives I would have for my college education would be to earn the best grades possible, to graduate on time with an excellent GPA, and to gain knowledge in all aspects from my college experience. Objectives for my career would be to make sure the production of my music is “top-notch” and enjoyable for people to listen to.

5.         Identify each of the following as a programmed or non-programmed decision:

a.         Reordering printer cartridges

b.         Selecting a cell phone provider

c.         Buying your favorite toothpaste or shampoo at the supermarket

d.         Selecting a college to attend

e.         Filling your car with gasoline

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