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2). What information should a CV include? Explain with examples 25 poin Your answerChandler's work is often discussed under the heading of hardboiled fiction with tough, cynical characters living in a bleak world. For this discussion question concentrate on two things. In a first paragraph, provide specific examples of this seedy, corrupt world and explain how Chandler draws together these details to create an overall picture. In a second paragraph, take a look at some of Chandler's quick descriptions and figures of speech. Marlowe, for example, describes himself in the book's first paragraph as "neat, clean and sober" and he "didn't care who knew it." Later, Vivian (Mrs. Regan) says to Marlow, "I ought to throw a Buick at you." Do these kinds of sentences--and find some more examples--add to the dark atmosphere of the book or are they meant to be humorous and break the spell of that atmosphere?

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