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PBH M4.5: PTSD Survivor StoryBoard

Survivor StoryBoard

For this assignment, you will select a case study and create a storyboard to depict key elements of a PTSD survivor's journey. A storyboard uses images and words together to tell your client's story. Whenever possible, convey information visually and fill in the dialogue using "speech balloons." Remember, you are telling a story. The point is not to try to recreate the entire experience in a flipbook, but to demonstrate important key parts of your survivor's story that will draw the viewer in. Think of this as a comic strip. Remember, pick scenes that show the story developing from start to finish. 

Be Creative!

Before you begin, please choose a case study. If you participate in the discussion board Group 1, please choose from the Group 1 Case Studies. If you participate in Group 2, please choose from the Group 2 Case studies. For your study, you will depict the following elements on your storyboard.



To complete this assignment use Canva (Links to an external site.) or choose another platform of your choice (must be pre-approved by your instructor before you begin) and create a storyboard from scratch (PowerPoint does this well). Create a comic template that will best fit your case study and the story you want to tell. Please use the steps below to develop your storyboard.

For more information on how to build a storyboard please review the "How to Build a Storyboard" document in the bar below. 

PTSD Survivor’s Story: For this assignment, complete the steps below. 

  1. Select a PTSD case study to use for your storyboard.
  2. Choose a template and customize the story with appropriate pictures, colors, and text to best exemplify your survivor's story.
    1. Due to the nature of this assignment, you will need to create more than one page. To add another page to your story click on the duplicate button at the top right corner of your page 1 image. Once it is duplicated you can change the images and text to continue your story. 
  3. For your chosen case study, depict the following:
    • Your first panel should be a title panel that clearly lists your name, the course, and the case study that you chose.
    • Your introductory panel(s) will introduce your client to the audience through an illustration. Depict the client's age, sex/gender, marital/family status, and race/ethnicity.
      • Remember, you are presenting a story about the client from your case study. It is important that you introduce your client clearly. 
    • Next, show where your client resides (rural, urban, homeless, etc.). Select pictures from the template to help us understand your client's residential situation. 
    • Is your client employed/unemployed? Select pictures that will show your client's work status. 
    • In the next part of your story, have your client communicate to someone what the traumatic event was that triggered their PTSD. 
    • Following the description of your event, have your client or other characters in the story share the signs and/or symptoms being experienced by your client, as they align with the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria. 
    • In your story, communicate specific evidence-based treatment/therapies/interventions you believe would be beneficial to your client.
      • A minimum of 3 interventions is required.
    • In the final part of the story, provide a positive ending to your client's story by showing ways in which the client could minimize the long-term effects of exposure to trauma, based on what you have learned this term. 
    • End your story with a reference panel that lists any references you used within your storyboard.
  • A minimum of one panel per element is required (there is a 10-panel minimum, including your title and reference panel). 
  • Be creative as you design your board. 
  • Once you have completed your storyboard, please download it as a PDF (this ensures all your pages are included). Save it under Survivor_Storyboard_LastName. Please upload it below by clicking on the upload option.


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