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A. Identify the disorder from the terms in the box below. (55 pts.) Anxiety Disorder Schizophrenia Social Phobia Anorexia Bulimia Conduct Disorder Anorexia Nervosa Agoraphobia Posttraumatic stress disorder Depression Autism Obsessive compulsive disorder Oppositional defiant disorder Bipolar disorder Phobia Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder Type of disorder Case Mohammad is a 29-year-old male who works as a carpenter. During a recent manic episode Peter "disappeared” for three days during which he went to several parties, drank alcohol and used illicit drugs, including ecstasy and cocaine. Mohammad spent a lot of his money on parties, alcohol, drugs and gambling. Days later, he experienced extreme feelings of guilt and shame. Mohammad spent the next 2 days in bed crying. Jacob, a 25 year old man. He had a good job that he liked and on the whole appeared like a 'normal' young man. However, he hadn't led a normal life for about 8 years. He hated being around people, especially crowds, unless he absolutely had to. This had seriously affected his life. He could go to work but he couldn't go out, or if he did, it was for a very short time and then he made excuses to leave early, and he'd never been to a cinema since he was a teenager, never attended a Lebanese wedding, and does not play a team sport. As you can imagine this limited his social life dramatically. He couldn't even go to supermarkets. Israa age 30, she is always nervous. She is restless, irritable and has difficulty concentrating. She worries that she worries so much and isn't always sure what it is that she is worried about. She can't let her husband or children leave the house without making them call her regularly to reassure her that they are ok. Her husband is becoming concerned about her actions. Her children can't understand what all the fuss is about. Their impatience with her only makes her worry more. ho G Mr. Ahmad is a Zsear eld retired teacher who, since retiring 4 years ago, works part-time as a school librarian. 6 months ago Mr. Ahmad witnessed a fatal road accident outside the school involving one of the children. Mr. Ahmad provided first aid to the child who was killed in the accident until the emergency services arrived and took over. Since the accident Mr. Ahmad has not been able to sleep at night, having visual flashbacks of the incident and reporting hearing screeching brakes, children and parents screaming. He can't block out the images from his head. Ali has been referred to you for psychotherapy following a suicide attempt. He speaks slowly and looks down at the ground as he speaks. He reports difficulty in falling asleep and staying asleep for the past month. Ali states that he hasn't had much of an appetite and has lost 18 kilograms. He reports that things he used to like just don't seem enjoyable anymore, and he thinks that life is not worth living. Ali doesn't expect things to improve in the future, which is why he tried to kill himself. 6 weeks ago Alia broke up with her boyfriend Elias of five years. She describes her relationship with her boyfriend as 'intense. After the breakup Alia began to drink heavily. She took to locking herself in the bathroom and standing on the scales. She would look down and analyze her weight. She would tell herself: "I'm fat, I'm fat, I'm fat". The sadness, disgust, and despair generated was almost unbearable. Over the next couple of weeks she continued to make negative comments about her body and her food intake dramatically changed. Mustafa, 14, has had a history of stealing, starting with petty things like candy bars, escalating to cell phones and money. He tries to cover up his actions with elaborate lies. Mustafa has difficulty following instructions for instance at home he needs to be reminded repeatedly how to do everyday things like washing the dishes, fixing his bed and throwing the trash When punished or otherwise angry, Mustafa tends to get destructive, breaking things in his room. He loves listening to loud rock music and is a great dancer. Jessica, age 24 has been admitted to hospital where her parents have brought her for evaluation. They are worried because she is giving away all of her clothes and shoes because she is planning to move to China so she can "save the world." She is always giving speeches to the Chinese people in her bedroom (that don't exist). Her parents say that she has hardly been sleeping at all, but she seems very energetic. It is hard to get her to be quiet long enough for you to ask questions. Ibrahim is 40 years old and works at a dairy factory. He is terribly afraid of being contaminated by germs. He avoids shaking hands with others. He won't eat in the cafeteria. He has trouble leaving the bathroom because he isn't sure he has washed his hands well enough. He must wash his hands 10 times before he leaves the bathroom Jana, age 32, is involved with the first man that really counts in her life. As the couple have become more intimate, Jana has started to have flashbacks about an uncle who touched her sexually when she was only eight years old. She is distressed to find out that she is shutting down feelings about her boyfriend and distancing herself from him. Although she has been sexual with other men, she says she can't stand to let herself be sexual with someone she loves and trusts. She frightens easily and reports a general increase in anxiety. She is very angry that has to deal with the feelings about the incidents with her uncle that happened so long ago. She says that she thought she had gotten beyond all that A 28-year-old woman is a rising junior executive in her company. Her increasing duties require her to make periodic formal presentations to the senior management of the company. However, she becomes intensely anxious at the thought of speaking in public. When she is forced to give a presentation she begins to feel anxious days in advance of the talk and the anxiety increases as the time for the talk approaches. She is concerned that her anxiety will become noticeable during the talk or that she will do something to embarrass herself. Sally, 8 is in grade 2. Sally's teachers have been complaining about her inability to sit quietly in class. She constantly finds the need to talk to her classmates. She can't sit still while the teacher is explaining the lesson. She always needs to go get something from her bag or go to the trash can. Also, her test results are low. Ahmad takes a long time getting ready for school, e.g., brushing his teeth a long time, dressing and redressing, going in and out of the room, etc. Also, he gets to bed later than he should making it difficult to wake up on time. He reports that he is unable to fall asleep because of certain thoughts" and his bedtime rituals. Ahmad's mother is concerned with her son's outbursts of anger. These fights usually occur around dinnertime when Ahmad does not have his own way, such as, having his plate and fork spoon and knife washed again before his food touches it. Ahmad's mother has also become increasingly concerned about her son's peer relationships. She feels that Ahmad is having difficulty making friends. As his friends become more interested in sports, Ahmad has less in common with them and has started to spend more time alone. A 12 year old girl has been referred to the hospital by her doctor because of concerns about her weight loss, for which no organic cause was found. In the year before the referral, she became very fussy about eating, and for six months was reported to be eating nothing for a few days, then she would eat a very large meal (enough to feed 3 people). Parents reported that after eating a larg meal, their daughter would enter the bathroom and force herself to vomit. Weight loss over a year before the referral was around 11 kilograms. Parents mentioned that she expressed fear of becoming fat, looking in mirror for hours. Recently, patient had been expressing guilt feelings about eating.

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