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Homework answers / question archive / Need help with my writing homework on Enterprise Integration System

Need help with my writing homework on Enterprise Integration System


Need help with my writing homework on Enterprise Integration System. Write a 3000 word paper answering; Forming a business application has proven to be tough and so is formulating an application to run an enterprise. The enterprise resource planning vendors have been successful in making humongous enterprise applications. Still the applications only account for a little percentage of the functions of a business that are required in an enterprise.

The spread of these functions across applications renders the business more flexible in selection of packages for accounting, software that manage customer relationship and systems that process orders for the needs. The main aim of the selection done is to ensure that only the best is there for effective functioning. With the numerous requirements for the individual businesses, many applications will be highly recommended as compared to using a single enterprise application that performs all the functions.

Vendors have found a way of adhering to this preference via offering focused applications to perform specific functions. However, the need that arises of improving available software by adding their functions has affected other business applications. Users of the software do not put into consideration the limits of the functions of the systems whenever they perform activities with the businesses. These individuals perform the functions of a business regardless of the kinds of systems that the function entails. For example, when some one makes a call to alter his personal information and view if the last amount cashed went through.


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