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Homework answers / question archive / Need an research paper on parents should not be punished for their childrens crimes

Need an research paper on parents should not be punished for their childrens crimes


Need an research paper on parents should not be punished for their childrens crimes. Needs to be 1 page. Please no plagiarism. Task: Parents should not be punished for their children’s crime Parents are punishable for their children’s blunders because of numerous reasons. The first rationale is that it is from guardians that children learn of the actions that lead to crime like indiscipline. Secondly, it is the mandate of guardians to ensure responsibility for their children of which in some cases they choose to ignore (Kail 198). Research has it that toddlers who misbehave tend to mimic characters and attitudes from adults. hence, parents are liable to punishment for their children’s mistake. Throughout a kid’s life from conception, guardians aptly have the ability of instilling discipline among their children, of which in some cases they neglect this responsibility. Moreover, few guardians introduce virtues in children instead, they inculcate in them vices that lead to criminal acts in the society.

As a parent, one has the obligation of giving opportunities to children through guidance. By doing so they will prevent cases associated with crime among children. Universally, parents whom their children are prone to crime, act less in upbringing them correctly. Contrastingly, several factors have consideration in situations upon a child committing a crime (Kail 199). Nevertheless, the first person to be liable in any criminal case is always the parent, mostly in situations where parents neglect their kids who are engaging in criminal acts such as truancy in schools. Therefore, parents are liable in all circumstances regardless of the child’s upbringing.

According to Kail (169), the legal structure always places responsibility on people in authority, for the case of a family. the parents are the ones in charge of discipline. Hence, this makes them liable whenever a child commits an offence in the public. Globally, crime rates are ascribable to lack of discipline and ethics most of which emanate from family values that are to be instilled by parents.

In conclusion, kids’ crimes are attributable to several factors and parents receive blame in diverse cases. When instilling obedience in children, guardians are to be responsible since they influence children’s lifestyle in the society. Lastly, liberalization and modernization are contributing to the current shift in parents’ role where the idea of parents being responsible for their children’s crime has opposition.

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